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What's The Important Role for An Entrepreneur?

We all know that Entrepreneur plays a major role in the Company that whatever he's/her behaviour it affects to the down line or the Company. Or a Socially expected behavior pattern usually determined by an individuals status in a particular society; a function or performed especially in particular operation or process.

Entrepreneur is always expected to behave well and with sensible because there are people who are depended on him/her no matter what.

He/she become the bread and butter for the people who are under your employees that's how an important role, that's why  there's always   two way working together one if the employees are performing better as well the company or the entrepreneur. That's wh
y these two are always balance to each other. Or helping each.

That's why entrepreneur is always in the know when it comes to markets, social or political. That's part that you should know. Ahead from anyone. Just always open to learning things, innovations,…

Reasons For Poor Performance And What To Do About It

When we are in the Schools we are just taught that we should always  come on time and later in  life we  applied what we have learned  in to apply in our job.  What you have learned you can apply to your  work but what if you turn out not so good or failed some areas or having a problems. Some employee are always late in work. So definitely there's a problems about it not  another training, instead ask them what's really causes, you'll see when you go to a doctor. The doctor ask you what's bothering you, let's say you have stomach pain, that's a symptom in  what's related to it.

Here are some Pooor Performances of the Workers

1.  Worker's don't know why they should perform;

2.  Worker's don't know how to perform;

3.  Worker's don't know what they should do;

4.  Workers think their way is better than yours.

5.Workers believe they will receive some negative results from doing what they are supposed to do.

And last but not least

6. Wor…

How To Make Sure Your Start Up Become Successful

If you are in a start-up Entrepreneur no one will tell you that you might be failed mostly of the blog are usually how you become a Successful Entrepreneur. Yes being a successful means hard work and most all endurance and capability of the challenges that may your company may experience in the back up plan.

There are reason why the company or start up may failed.

1. Poor Management in terms of human resources. And money resources.

2.  Lack of Capital

3. Mismanaging of the resources means capital just use it in another thing or spending in another thing.

To avoid those are  listed in above you must determined what you need, maintain your budget and make sure that what you invest is you getting back right away, the best start up which Foods, Services, Payment Center, Shopping services those are truly start up that your money back guaranteed. One more Financial Services oops make sure you know well your customers or client.

Choose You're Business Partner Wisely

When you are in a start up when everything is ready except for your Business Partner. If you are a sole proprietorship that's means your alone in the business like Convenience Store, Salon are manage by yourself but if you need a Business Partner then that is Partnership.

Business Partnership means is a specific kind of legal relationship formed by the agreement between two or more individuals to carry on a business as a Co-Owners. A Partnership with multiple Owners each of whom has invested in the business.

So how do you determine the good Business Partner

1.  You have the same interest or goal in the business

2.  Compatibility means he/she have the same aspirations in life.

3.  Result oriented, not only planning or drafting need the result.

So these are very important characteristics that you should look to your Business Partner. Not for BF or GF that's deferent things. To avoid Business conflict especially during making a decision.

How To Help Your Parents Without Feeling Pressure

As a student living with your parents, its a part of your daily life to help your parents in a little way, in not making more burdens to your parents. Just by making your bed in the morning or for a simple clean up your room, all those dirty clothes must be in hamper that's a lot of help.

Some parents giving their children the responsibility. So someday they become a responsible individual.

What your parents do during your developing years to become responsible individual or adult or a good citizens or law abiding citizens, just thankful for your parents. For now children would not experience some butt spank because its not allowed to punished the children. But before it will. And the children become a responsible adult later in life.

But what really can you do now is matter and helpful to your parents.

1.  Don't get annoying I mean just study hard just be good.

2.  Invites your in the house rather than strolling in the mall.

3. Keep your allowance, if you have an extra just …

When Do You Starting Appreciating Money?

When you still a students and having an allowance from your parents, it seems it didn't bother you so much since you have an allowance, it doesn't matter it where it comes from.

But when you start working you will realized what your parents been through. And you start appreciating money. when you're alone or you start having an independent or your own, where no one to look you up, let's say your food, you should know how to budget your food, your bills, rental or if you are renting, those are becomes your responsibilities.

The good news is no one nags you if you don't eat no one bothering you, if you only eat pizza just fine. But during this time that you should have a plan, just start savings for a future investment for a house.

One of the important things in life at least you have your own house, and ride these are not luxury but its needed. For a practical reason if you are renting every month why not buy a house or condo that rent to own. At least one day you …

Company Promotion

These consist of a product that you are going to promote for a limited time or span of 30 days sorry I'm not talking about position of the company or an employees who had an exemplary job in merit to promotion or demoted of a job. But this all about the product who needs a particular promotion within a month or less for example some telecom company they have unlisurf for 3 days but it doesn't mean really an unli there's a cap let's say 690mb allowed for a day. So that's your limit. And some promotion buy one take one I think that's  great for pizza.

So when you promote your product you will know whose responded it. And in the future you will determined if you must improve or to eliminate it for loses more. If more people who will attracted to your promotion. Then that means you will gain from it. You can do this depending on what season. See for example for summer what usually the products that people use, or where they go during this time. I think you guess i…