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The New Beginning

One of the hardest things in life when you start a new beginning, in no particular  order. As in there's a plan you are laying the plan and drafts , but the question where do you begin? Isn't it that we are just once starter. Do you remember your first day in School isn't it you were too young but then. You overcome those challenges and you face it with courage and remember you will cry because you have your first broken heart.

All of those things are challenges and if you overcome all of them then you are a master of your own self. Sometimes we have a doubt or feels guilty because some our decisions may affect others. Some will happy and some will cry. But we have to go on because along the lines whether you're decision is wrong is  or not you will live without regret .

Happiness is not always be the case. Theres a rain and there's a sunshine. So cheer up there's a lot of good things awaiting for you.
So have fun and enjoy the moment.

Note: Note I suppose to b…

There's No Small Position In the Company

Everyone in the Company has their own and unique responsibilities and every part that to serve the clients or customers.

For every success of the person in the Company is also the Company Success. See for Best Branch or the most achievers. The company would not succeed without the team effort and hardwork. Regardless of the position.

So that's why there's no small position they are only different in terms of benefits and status quo, the rest just the same.

If you are in the bottom right now don't worry. The company will see your performance and effort I'm  sure one you will reach the top. Everyone has their own opportunity of everything. It's up to you how to grab that opportunity.

Study more and discover things out of a comfort place. Every one has their own opportunity and gain knowledge

What Happens When The Relationship Is Over

Well we know that's the end of it. Thr End, end of story. But in reality its not the end its the beginning of the story. In the beginning of a true story if you are only boyfriend and girlfriend who cares. There's no one is affected.

But if you are a married and having children actually its a big trouble. You have to have a divorce and the custody of the children and its tough. So not all the time is a bed of Roses but you have to know what consequences that you get. The affected members of your family. If only between you and your partner then there's no problem.

But in life you can find your destiny in if you found them its a once in a lifetime. Because one day there's a one person who is right for you. When the person is the first time you have date you have to observe how he treated the waiter or waitress. If he is nice to them. Then surely you know later on how he treated you.


When Life Is A Knock Out

Everyone has this experience no one will excepte, for some they will over the edge that almost given up that hope and then when you pray only if believe in God. There's something miracle.

But life sometimes will make you try harder to work hard to achieve your dreams  Don't worry about the knock out that means that you are trying hard in all your power but despite of everything your still not achieve it. Then there's a saying "Try and until you succeed"

So maybe it's hard at first but when you're trying to keep moving and then later you will get use to it. Don't give up easily because then when you give it up all your hard work, effort and money are gone.

When You Have The Last Moment Of Your Time

All of us have the last time moments. As in moments away from the your life is about you to change. Or you can change your life for the worse. And what you have to remember not the people who annoying you but people who cherish every moment of your time

The one who laughs and cry with you when you have problems. And the place that once who creates your troubles and happiness and good memories. There's no longer a regret why is it happened or what caused. In our lives we meet people. Whether it makes us trouble or they make us happy. And some will remain and some are gone.

But the one who remains in your life no matter what. Is pretty  precious and hard to find. So keep the person who makes you feel happy and proud of you no matter what. Never took for granted anyone. Because they might be poor today but they have friends who are willing to do anything for them. And one day it will replace your place that once on your top but now your in the bottom.

We have the same for everything …

The Loyal customer or Fans

In the business you have a customer base or in Music or TV you have an avid listener every songs that you sung. And TV you have a televiewer who always loves to watch every episode.

An employee may be gone but a loyal  customer can't  be gone. If you must notice whenever you visit your favourites Supermarket it's always a new faces, banks, and TV show. But they have the same audience.

So cheers for those who love the products and services of your business. And that means you have a pretty amazing services and that your customers who loves it.

And to all the good employees or managers or the front end people. Actually sometimes the customer will become loyal it also depends on how they satisfied to the services she receives. If the employee in your business does not appreciate the customer. Then you can't have a great feedback or 5 Star Reviews.

The Business Operations

Some of us sitting in our comfortable chairs in the office having an appointment with the VIP Clients or having in a computer screen.

But the real heart of the company is the operations where meeting a client and make a sale. And meeting different people in all ages groups. And I'm so grateful that I have a chance of observing all kinds of operations. Whether in Telecommunications, Banking, Restaurant, Malls, Real Estate and I see a hard working people who are committed to delivered a good services without question, I even meet some. And I would like to be proud of them to meet them. And I'm pretty thankful.

So let's give them an appreciation, because of them the Company or business will succeed.

So some customers are rude sometimes including me lol  you know sometimes there are issues cannot be solve. And they will trying to understand what you need. They are also human have feelings. So let's treat them fair with respect.

And I'm here to say Salute to you regardl…