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Be Proud Of Your Parents

When you have a parents who are not rich but they will sent you to the city to pursue your education then you must be proud of them. That every month sending your allowance and tuition fee. Even though there's lack of money.

If your parents like this, they deserved an award. We do have a Valentine's Day, Teachers Day, a grandparents day, but we don't have a Parents Day, that we should recognized their efforts, time in endless hours attending our needs when we're a still a baby.

What you have right now because of your parents, they are your number one fans, no matter what, when or loss in the games. Or the one who comfort you when your sad. They are your best friend not your enemy, they are your father and mother nor superior.

So for those parents who did everything they can to make their children education a priority so someday they will become a successful person and who stand their principle in truth and honesty and humble no matter how successful they are kind to th…

What's The Best Qualification When You Hired A Person?

When you hire a person, you are looking for a good potential, Skills, Experience, Knowledge of a related work and of course education. As an employer you will expect your employee best at all times. And your employees must work on time and leave the office on time. So whatever they want to do outside the office that's a great chance for bonding their family or friends.

But should also the employee must produced results or reliability of his work. If you ask the analytic of your forecast he can produced the next day. That's the sign of a good employee. Reliability and good results.

So how do you if the person you want to hire is reliable especially if she/he a newly graduate. Here's are some.

1. Perfect Attendance no particular late always on time.

2. Good grades it doesn't matter if she/he is a Magna Cum Laude. What's the important he can produced results and reliable at all times.

How Do You Know Your Employees Doing Well

If you are a Business Owner and you own a several branch you can't sit there and let your people roaming your business branch. If you have a branch not too far from each location that you can visit every now and then. Right this a challenge there.

If the employees knows what is your scheduled when you arrived at the branch they're prepared and behave. But here are some tips and tested.

1. Never come to the branch by scheduled, just surprised them. In these processes when you visit them, everything is in order or not and you will see

2. If you want to talk to them at least with privacy never say bad one in public

3.  Your visit must not be inconvenient for the customers. For some they are closing the business.

4. If you want to talk  your employees declining sales,  at least talk to the managers. Because some they're using microphone in the customers will hear it.

And last have a convention or an outinngs that all your employees are there. This is usually summer favourite…

What Happen When The Company Transfer To Another Place?

When the. company starting their business in a particular place everyone's welcoming them with open arms. Because that's an opportunity to bring some employment, a better services in so on. And most especially more new products.

But what happen when the company or investors are transfer to another place. Here are some reasons.

1. Finished of leased Contract. If the Company does not want to renew their contract and find a better place.

2. They have less and less customers. That's why there is feasibility study, if your business in that particular place is the right one or what is your target customers. All
in your feasibility study. You should know who will be your customers, if your products is for Class A, Class B or Class C & D. That's why there's a research to determine what kind of people are living in that particular place.

3.  And last but not least you made your customers looking for you especially they bought the products within a warranty unless you ar…

Is It Really Worth It To Give Up

When people t
rusted you but with left  and right critics. Is it really worth it to give up. The answers is beneath lies on your heart and principle for how long you stand on your principle. Everyone has a say or form of opinions. But sometimes their opinions is good to listen and make an idea out it. But it doesn't mean you have to give in

Giving up means you are losing faith of yourself when the majority is trusting you. And when you give up means you give up the people who trusted you and giving you the opportunity to served them the best of your experience and ability. So for your critics just head up and say " I'll do my best to create a harmony and peaceful world ".

What Have You Become

In life there's always changes. When you we're a little your teacher is your parents or guardian. Eventually you will meet different people along with your destinations. Sometimes you will not plans your life. There's an instance change. That you won't believe it happen either by good or bad. It's right there. Now the questions is can you still recovered after that happen.

If by luck you will be millionaire instantly then definitely that's great. What if an opposite you will be bankruptcy ? Do you still have the energy, all your savings is gone. Your Business is close. Your other investment is close. To tell you the truth you will be breakdown for days,  As if there's no reason to get up and go on. But you have to think about it if  it's only money, investment, there's always have a chance to earn money, or to get some investment. So get up and tell yourself you're done you're crying baby now move on. Life is not about accumulating wealth be…

The Products

There are certain products that it will not easily to find. These are only for specific Company or Country are available. So its recommended to use the products that will be available anywhere. For example mobile phones there are brands like Apple,  Samsung. These brands are the usual use of everyone, look at your Phone. What's your Brand it say's about you

But sometimes if you have a problems at least you are rest assured that the company will take the repair services if that's within a warranty. But if you use more than in a warranty and unfortunately the company you bought your products is move out. You have no choice but to replace it with new one.

So before you buy that products make sure that it will be available in the market in not in an exclusive company. In case you need only the spare parts not the whole mobile then that's great.