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Raising Money

Are you raising capital the best and fastest way possible? Other than using your own savings, you can fund your business by borrowing from friends and family and applying for bank loans. Borrowing can be tricky though, especially when it involves personal relationship's and debt you're hoping to pay off through a business that hasn't taken off yet. Here are you three fundraising alternatives that don't endanger your personal relationships and don't take too much time away from actually running your business. Take Credit. For business that use tangible assets (like furniture, computer hardware, food and restaurants among others), owners can arrange for 15-30- or 60 - day payment periods with trusted suppliers.This arrangement buys you time to generate business revenue before paying off the raw materials you used. Term payments also help you to stay liquid as you don't have to pay your suppliers as soon as their deliveries are made. Trade credit doesn'…

How to cope the stressing life of entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur is an endless problem, either by making poor decision or unexpected problem from the customer or simply by day to day operation. So we need to relax by means of foods or simply going to the saloon or spa or vacation. But can you afford to have a vacation in the middle of the problem of the company. No, you have to make a solutions before you run away of the problem.So now what, to be rejuvenated with start with the healthy foods and yoga and go to the saloon, pamper yourself, if you look good and feel good, you can make a good decision. And don't stress out too much. Just relax and have fun sometimes. Its good for your soul.

What's the differences between employee and entrepreneur?

Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur but there only a few were chosen of this field, and not everyone is become an employee lucky for those who have not working because their parents has a company, even their still studying there's a position waiting for them. Even they are still a baby their future is already safe and secure. Isn't it that's amazing if your parents is rich. What if your parents is not rich even your still working as part time to finish your studies. I salute to the company who accepted student to continue their study.and for the students who persevere to continue their that's really a hard work. And tiring, I remember work in the morning and I go to school at night so tired but I have to do it. Glad I did it. And thank you to those company I've been part of. But does not the point. The point is when you are an entrepreneur, is to make sure you have a sales and a profit and time is not a matter you are working 24 hours a day and you have to …

How To Determine a Good Banking Services

There are a lot of banks around right and some must be trusted and reliable at all times so these banks I recommended base on my experience not only reliable but you can relied on them in terms of emergency good services and customer service oriented. The managers and teller are welcome you to assist you and great services too. And here some the top Five if your looking forward open an account I recommended these banks.You are surely make your money safe and will help your business loans need. If you want to expand your business or you want to buy your dream home or dream car. As the Entrepreneur you need a back up financial help. 1. Bank of Commerce or BOC 2.Bank of the Philippines Island or BPI 3.Banco de ORO or BDO 4. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or RCBC 5.Security Bank 6.PS Bank when I withdrew and Debited to my account but no money in the machine. They returned it.

Is It Anybody Can Be An Entrepreneur

Self-evaluation Sure,the entrepreneurship gene might give you an edge, but not so far as you might think. Being "built to be an entrepreneur" touches as much on your genetic makeup as your disposition and experience. While your genes influence whether or not you become an entrepreneur, experience matters, too. Genes don't determine anything you do; they merely influence what you do in the same way,your life your life experiences do, but what about those who has no experience especially fresh graduate, they don't want to work in the company but they want to start their own company or a entrepreneur. To have a clearer idea on whether you have a good chances at becoming a successful entrepreneur, answer these questions: * Do you enjoy making decisions and being in charge? * Are you good at following through on your ideas, plans, and projects? * Are you good at short-range and long-range planning? * Do you have the willingness to take the initiative when confr…

Are You A Leader Or A Follower?

Everyone wants to be a leader but there are only a few its called leadership. In the early stage of a children's life you will determine who is the leader and who is the followers, yes your right what your thinking, you can determine who is leader and who is not. For example, way back in High School I use to chased celebrity and if not enough I saddle my neighbors maid either to watch movie or watching live afternoon TV program. Until one day we have a school project, its about collecting the old newspapers, one day my classmates and I went to this exclusives subdivision, one of the celebrity is living there, and we ask the driver where is he. And the driver answer, "If you want to see him, just buy a ticket." Since then I realize that they are only nice in front of the camera. And I'm still not learning my lesson. I went to an afternoon live TV program. This time I almost lost my one shoe. Since then I realize that isn't just right. So I stop chasing people…

How to make a clear Decision Making

In every Entrepreneur or Ceo this a clear that decision making is a part of a daily life especially those decision deals with the path of the company. So you may have to relax your body and mind because in one click or once you may sign it. Then it clearly that your decision making is final. And you don't know what happen next. So you have to study the possibility that ever happen before you make a decision because you aren't make a decision for yourself but as well for the sake of the company. So think about it, review it then if you are sure then go for it.