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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Foods Nourishing Our Soul

What's the first thing comes in your in mind, when it says food? Burger, French Fries, and large coke, or pizza or donut. But in a healthy way depending in your location, in Asia, particularly in Japan sashimi, sushi and soba but here in the Philippines its adobo and siningang. What about for breakfast, the usual is pancake with honey and butter with hot coffee.But here is fried rice and dried fish or Bangus or milk fish and hot coffee perfect for breakfast. What about for lazy people just a pair of loaf bread with cheese or peanut butter with with hot chocolate is good to go. But whatever you preferred in your food must be healthy especially when your work required physical energy and brains work then you must be full and not sluggish. Or lack of energy. Sometimes we eat because we are hungry were just grabbing anything in the canteen as long as you can chew it. And good for your stomach. Another idea is that make your own food, bento box here is called baon. If you heard this where your mother preparing your food.That's the best one.But honestly I don't experience this having my own food except I grab whatever available in the canteen. But I'll make sure I eat the healthy one. And the best one that I eat its banana con yelo I love it. Its been in a long time since then. But now its in the restaurant mostly. Its a simple food but making you healthy and making soul food nourishment.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Entrepreneur, Successful Negotiator

To be successful, you have to able to relate to people; they have to be satisfied with your personality to be able to do business with you and to build a relationship mutual trust -George Ross Over the years that we have been negotiating and giving seminars on the topic of negotiating, we have meet all sorts of people. They have been of all skill levels and talents. And watching them we have been able to observe what works and what doesn't. With that information, we have developed a people of the successful negotiator. In this article well share that traits so you can aim towards being the most successful negotiator you can be. There are numerous talents and personality traits that are involved in such a profile. It would be be foolish to rank the the importance of the various aspects because they are all important at one time or another during the course of negotiations. So this article does not organize the elements of the profile in any ascending or Descending order. Instead, we start by pointing out particular communication talents that we consistently find in people who are master negotiators. Then we offer you a comprehensive collection of personality characteristics that are typical of the successful negotiator. Not everyone is negotiator, there are some, we see this in real life let me sight some, for example, you are investing in that company or country, there are challenge you may encounter, but still you know that you trusted this company. Just remember the company is represented by a person that means that person or company is enough to put your trust. Or else your investment is blown by the wind. So that means the negotiator is hold a very important role.
Note: I would like to say thank you and courtesy Author of the book The New Art of Negotiating to Mr.Gerard I Nierenberg Founder and President of the Negotiation Institute Mr. Henry H. Calero Best Selling Co-author of How To Read a Person like a Book

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How To Adapt The Drastically Change in Your Life

Have you ever give up something in your life? Its hurt right, especially, when this things is really became part of your life, you don't want to let go, but you don't have no choice. But to let go. Some are changes for the better and some are for the worse. Like for example when the company are bankruptcy, your not only losing your employees but as well your earning or profit. But how can we adapt the changes. Well you must take yourself be analyst the causes in the problems. Why its happen what are the steps to avoid more crisis. Is there really a chance to make your mistake to make it right. Of course there's always a chance.There's always an opportunity to learned everything. You can start all over again. Don't give up. And if the cause is financial literacy, Then study financial management. How to manage your financial, always seek the expert just how to manage your financial. You can watch in the cable program, or seek people or in your circle of friends, join the community. To discuss topics which do you want to learned.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

How Is A Sports Icon Is Similar To A Successful Entrepreneur?

In any game, in order to win, there should Be a strategy. The player must be having a strategy. It is the art and skill of guiding, forming, and carrying out a plan. A game will be won through proper execution of plans. Without a concrete and solid execution or implementation will be a tragedy. The same is true with entrepreneurship. Let's take a look at how Manny Pacquiao I mean Senator Manny Pacquiao prepares for every boxing fight. Filipinos know him for the discipline he commits to his training. The preparation stage itself is part of his sports regiment. Pacquiao wakes up early in the morning to run and do sprint work in different terrains. He has hours of heavy punching bag and speed work out, shadow boxing, jumping rope, and other though routines. Oh, and he also does 1,400 sit-ups or stomach crunches everyday. He also spars with strong boxers similar to the built, boxing style, and punching power of his opponent. All these and more are part of his strategy. Just like in sports, a business is most likely to succeed with training, discipline, and a very good game plan, which are all part of a well-design strategy. Preparation is a strong weapon for an entrepreneur. And other words without a plan and well design and execution strategy. You must answers the basic questions: What Is My Product Or Service? Who Is my Market Or Target Consumer? What Is The Niche Market Of My Product or Service? What Is The Different Factor Of My Product or Service? What Is My Marketing Plan? How Will I Execute My Plan And So On... Putting up a business starts with the answers to these questions. Without answers you will just be empty-handed and ignorant. Study very well the components and aspects of Entrepreneurship, especially the particular industry you want to enter. Note: Thank you to Senator Manny Pacquiao your not only a champion in sports but as well in politics. And thank you and courtesy
to Mr. Paulo M.Tibig The Author of the Book Strategies, of a Champion Entrepreneur. This book is available in leading bookstores and this book is design for the students who aspire to become Entrepreneur someday.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Adorable Kitty

If a person is happy not because he/she is rich, but rather the people around her. Whether its family support, friends and pets that's right any pet is considered as family, especially cats and dog, but they are the members of the family. If you are an entrepreneur you always need an inspiration, because such an stressful day that's why when you come home, you need to forget your work. Always refresh your mind. Especially if you have an adorable Kitty or dog its nice to see them. Who can say no this adorable Kitty but also having a pet with also a great responsibility. You must taking care of them 24/7.And of course don't dump them if you don't like them anymore. They're not a toy's. So you need to love them and take care your cat or dog or this adorable Kitty.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tips for Investing Real Property

Are you planning to Invest in Real Property, if yes then you must must have a prospect developer, the money, or paying in cash or in Installment. Well lets check the developer, whether its condominium or House in Lot. You must understand the difference between condominium and house and lot. When you say condominium, your owning only your specified unit or units you own or with parking lot. You don't own any physical land or lot. So you own only your unit and you have the privilege to use the amenities, included to your contract. While the house and lot it is located in a village or subdivisions, where you have a neighborhood, consists of an amenities, like clubhouse, basketball court or swimming pool and children's playground. And you own a house and lot.where your house is located. And you have more privacy. This projects is good for the big family. But if you want more convenient, near to your work might be walking distance from your work then choose condominiums, this is preferred for the new family. As we all know that now has many developer's, okay what you gonna do, just research the company or developer's, read the reviews, but don't be fooled because some are employees who review, some good to be true but in actual, they're not true. You must check the reliability, consistency. But how do you know.If this company is reliable. The names of the company or developers, check their affiliation since when they were start and so on... Here some that they are misleading, for example they will have an ads that only for this amount you can move in already, let's say only 20k you can move in already, that's really a big no. You will wait forever, and when you go to their office, they say blah, blah, blah. So that's why you need to have knowledge or research. Before you give money or your crying forever. Or for the sake of argument, just check to the government agency. There's a government agency who in charge to this particular case. So make sure to check it first. Last but not least check your neighborhood to be, just check around what's its look like. Is it safe to walk in there or no. no. Have you check your news on
TV. Is it that particular place is in the news. Good news if the place if its good and safe.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

How To Be A Successful Applicant's For Applying a Job

Applying a job is very difficult, you know why, when you attending your interview and all of sudden your not qualified blah,blah blah.It hurts,so your not only wasting your time, money and efforts. So what what you gonna do. To make sure you a successful. You must be prepared and research the company you want to join, you have a good presentation of your résumé, and make sure related to your education and work experience. And if ever you are a fresh graduate make sure related to your education. Some Company luring by applicant's by social media,and they send you endless SMS messages, but when you go there, they will tell you that your not qualified. So don't be fooled on this. Real company if you are in a the internet look for them in LinkedIn, and some published in the newspaper. So their not grabbing people everywhere, like in the malls, f
ast food chain. Always remember a qualified applicant for job is the right person, be the right person to the company you applied with. And if ever you failed, don't worry just try another company don't give up. Don't be fooled by big salary that Doesn't much to your qualification. Always be on the lookout to look for an opportunity. And if ever you can fine one try to be an entrepreneur yes you got that right, or building your own website, if you love interacting people then your in.Yes you heard it right, be a blogger connecting to the world. Blogger is fun connecting all kinds of people.