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Business Slow Day

As we all know that some days are slow day, that means only few customers show up.I know how does it feel. This really happen that's why you need a promotion but despite of that still a slow day especially Monday, Tuesday and and Wednesday. And some slow day is Monday but for the bank this is not a slow day you know why because Saturday and Sunday its close so you have to wait until Monday. That's why Monday is a lot of customer. But the most exciting day is between Friday, Saturday and Sunday so most of the family is out of town or simply just going to the Malls or eating in the Restaurant.Or simply hopping in a public park the cheapest part. That's why company should have always a promotion so even not weekends customer wants to drop by in your establishment.

Is your business is Unique or in Monopoly

As you start your business either well known or unique or in monopoly thing. By the way monopoly means the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in commodity or services. Or a company or group having an exclusive control over commodity or service.

When your company is in a monopoly that means you have no competition so people have no choice to stay your  service but right now there's no monopoly except some few services.

So make sure before you open your business must be unique new but still looks familiar.

Note: The picture of Bella Hadid. Courtesy from facebook       
pet shop unfortunately the brand that you need only one shop you cannot find in any shop so you have no choice instead to buy their products even almost always the sacks is broken you know I've been buying cat food that the container is broken. If it is broken must be considered as bad order. The supplier may exchange it.

So if your in a business there's also a liability not always a suns…

Ready To Launched Your Business

Wait before you launched your business considered these two option whether its own vs known or some called franchise. As in other businesses, creating your own brand is less capital-intensive than buying a franchise. However, a start-up business is more difficult to get off the ground and generally has greater chance of failing. A franchise business on the other hand, mitigates the risk of failure because it has already a accumulated resources and experience to help its franchisees avoid critical pitfalls.

 Own Brand As an owner, you to define a unique selling proposition or reason people should buy what you sell. You must build and scale processes to sustain your business operations You need to undertake continuous research and development efforts to come up with new offerings that sustain the relevance of your enterprise to your target market.

 You need to fight off competitors who try to eat your market. Known Brand People are already familiar with the brand and would like…

How to manage your finances or Budget

One of the most difficult task is to budget or managing your finances, see for example you have the salary of 50k and your house mortgage is 25k so how do you budget with that with slashing half of your salary plus your electricity bill, water bill and of course the internet fee. The best thing you could do is make sure you have a grocery for a month avoid those that unnecessary things like dress, shoes, buy the nice one of that will last for a lifetime. Don't buy the cheap one because its only last for a month or in a few use. So its better to buy the classic one not a trendy, but at least you can buy once. And the other one is eating in a high end have you tried to get your fry pan or sauce pan to joggle the vegetable. Cooking is fun its not what you think. And also its delicious and healthy food that you serve in your family. And also not to buy that thing not important. And make sure you have a cash, I didn't mean credit card, you know its very convenient if you have a…

How to maximize your business space

Design your space around the service you offer.

The word "spa" brings up the image of rest and relaxation, so naturally the actual layout of a spa should inspire these feelings.

The designers of the Spa considered how the layout would affect all five senses. For sight, the look has to be pleasing and cozy so that clients feel relaxed as they enter the facilities. Soothing music and the scent of The Spa's signature oils enhance the relaxing atmosphere. A special ginger tea is provided to clients to engage the sense of taste. And as for touch . The Spa trains each therapist "so the experience and ambiance is a total experience of relaxation, rejuvenation of mind and soul".

Customers traffic flow is a primary consideration for spa's " upon entry, the receptionist should see customers immediately so that he could attend to their needs. The movement of people should be clear and easy so that its easier for them  to relax.

The services provided by a spa are…

How To Achieve Your Dreams

Having a dreams its the way how you making plans in your life or achieving your dreams. Just like a question that. What are you in a 5 years from now. That means you have a goal let's say you want to expand your business or having a branch in another place or country. As the entrepreneur you always have a forecasting within a year if your business is in profit or losses some gains.
Now dollars is making gains versus php so this is the right to time to buy more dollars or keeping more dollars. So yes business it's about profit not losing. But sometimes its vice versa that's how the business its goes.

As you working hard to achieve your dreams there are lots of challenges that sometime you want to give up because you can cope up with the challenges. But that's how you hurdle it or manage it to keep moving to all those challenges . Its a great achievement when you know that you are so work hard to achieve your dreams.

Sometimes you have give up everything to give in your…

Design your store attract Shoppers and encourage purchases

When it comes to retail space design or lay out can affect the shopping habits of customers. So how do you design a space design that encourage customer to purchase your goods or services and makes customers want to return?

Retailers should make the first impression with an eye-catching display that draws customers into the shop and slows them down-otherwise they may hurry their purchases and buy only a few things.

The products should display in an inviting way.  To maximize the space while remaining visually attractive. Placing aisles at an angle can create more visual interest, as long as it leaves enough space for customers to navigate and clutter free.

Lighting can have dramatic effects on space. If a corner of your store is not well lit, that square footage might as well lost. Using a combination of track lights, lamps, and picture lights, which not only make sure the whole space is lit, but also add flair and variety.

Lighting is also key to making products look better. Cheap l…