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Being Happy and Successful are essential in life

Can't we all just get Along

How to tackle a challenge for everyday task

Many of us starting the day by prayer, but there are some just hurry in a hurry to take a bath and eat breakfast and voila just join in a thousands in a traffic.

And some just simply check their phones or computer to see their message.

And some say good morning to someone very far from them but forget to greet love ones.

So which one are you on. So let's direct tothe point.

1. Never distract to an unimportant things
2. Get focused
3. Always start your day with a prayer or
     simply give thanks to God for the
4.  Finish the things that you should
     finished during the day. Don't leave a
     hanging there.

What's the first thing you do in the morning

When I wake up in the morning the first thing that I do is to wash my face and looking in the mirror and in my heart I would say thanks God I am still alive. It's awkward but it's true. And the next thing I check my cats outside although I have two cats with me. Say some of you are not out of bed yet lingering more to the bed.

But me as I wake up need to stretch up to tackle my long day although I don't do this before. Over the past years when I woke up the first thing that I would check is my cellphone or my fb or whatever message for the morning. Say life is like a wheel or it's a snap in a second and then boom. So cherish every moment of your life with someone you love. You might loss it in a second.

So the next time you wake up say thanks God I am okay and still alive that I have still the purpose in life just to help someone or inspired someone out there.