What's the first thing you do in the morning

When I wake up in the morning the first thing that I do is to wash my face and looking in the mirror and in my heart I would say thanks God I am still alive. It's awkward but it's true. And the next thing I check my cats outside although I have two cats with me. Say some of you are not out of bed yet lingering more to the bed.

But me as I wake up need to stretch up to tackle my long day although I don't do this before. Over the past years when I woke up the first thing that I would check is my cellphone or my fb or whatever message for the morning. Say life is like a wheel or it's a snap in a second and then boom. So cherish every moment of your life with someone you love. You might loss it in a second.

So the next time you wake up say thanks God I am okay and still alive that I have still the purpose in life just to help someone or inspired someone out there.http://www.google+lourdesabrasaldo

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