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How to get free of your debt

Sometimes you have to identify the needs and wants. Going back to economics 1 the supply and demand. But we don't go to the supply and demand but rather let's get to the point the debt itself. Let's check yourself what kind of lifestyle to the point you have been into debt. First you have to make to sure that the only you purchase its really needed not what you want. Because if you only want this thing very badly on the other hand you don't really need it. Then, you don't use it. Just like your wishing an iPhone although you have an android phone. That's a waste of money. Another thing you can buy a cheap dress but that instead you bought an expensive one. If this is you at this moment you just probably just into debt. So good news is whether you have a debt in your friends and your credit card or any lending. You can still be free. Im telling you this because I experienced this. Which I learned the hard way. About a year ago I use up my credit limits in my two card. One I added for my capital which some not yet paid. Thankfully I recovered it I pay one credit card over spending especially if you have no idea if you can pay for it. Then I would say don't try to credit instead learn how to budget your money. Do not purchase the unnecessary items that it's not needed. And last but not least learn to save. And set aside an emergency fund. Never use your credit card unless you have a fund. And always pay your bills on time or advance. If you all these things I am sure you will thank me later.

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