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Raising Money

Are you raising capital the best and fastest way possible? Other than using your own savings, you can fund your business by borrowing from friends and family and applying for bank loans. Borrowing can be tricky though, especially when it involves personal relationship's and debt you're hoping to pay off through a business that hasn't taken off yet. Here are you three fundraising alternatives that don't endanger your personal relationships and don't take too much time away from actually running your business. Take Credit. For business that use tangible assets (like furniture, computer hardware, food and restaurants among others), owners can arrange for 15-30- or 60 - day payment periods with trusted suppliers.This arrangement buys you time to generate business revenue before paying off the raw materials you used. Term payments also help you to stay liquid as you don't have to pay your suppliers as soon as their deliveries are made. Trade credit doesn'…

How to cope the stressing life of entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur is an endless problem, either by making poor decision or unexpected problem from the customer or simply by day to day operation. So we need to relax by means of foods or simply going to the saloon or spa or vacation. But can you afford to have a vacation in the middle of the problem of the company. No, you have to make a solutions before you run away of the problem.So now what, to be rejuvenated with start with the healthy foods and yoga and go to the saloon, pamper yourself, if you look good and feel good, you can make a good decision. And don't stress out too much. Just relax and have fun sometimes. Its good for your soul.

What's the differences between employee and entrepreneur?

Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur but there only a few were chosen of this field, and not everyone is become an employee lucky for those who have not working because their parents has a company, even their still studying there's a position waiting for them. Even they are still a baby their future is already safe and secure. Isn't it that's amazing if your parents is rich. What if your parents is not rich even your still working as part time to finish your studies. I salute to the company who accepted student to continue their study.and for the students who persevere to continue their that's really a hard work. And tiring, I remember work in the morning and I go to school at night so tired but I have to do it. Glad I did it. And thank you to those company I've been part of. But does not the point. The point is when you are an entrepreneur, is to make sure you have a sales and a profit and time is not a matter you are working 24 hours a day and you have to …

How To Determine a Good Banking Services

There are a lot of banks around right and some must be trusted and reliable at all times so these banks I recommended base on my experience not only reliable but you can relied on them in terms of emergency good services and customer service oriented. The managers and teller are welcome you to assist you and great services too. And here some the top Five if your looking forward open an account I recommended these banks.You are surely make your money safe and will help your business loans need. If you want to expand your business or you want to buy your dream home or dream car. As the Entrepreneur you need a back up financial help. 1. Bank of Commerce or BOC 2.Bank of the Philippines Island or BPI 3.Banco de ORO or BDO 4. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or RCBC 5.Security Bank 6.PS Bank when I withdrew and Debited to my account but no money in the machine. They returned it.

Is It Anybody Can Be An Entrepreneur

Self-evaluation Sure,the entrepreneurship gene might give you an edge, but not so far as you might think. Being "built to be an entrepreneur" touches as much on your genetic makeup as your disposition and experience. While your genes influence whether or not you become an entrepreneur, experience matters, too. Genes don't determine anything you do; they merely influence what you do in the same way,your life your life experiences do, but what about those who has no experience especially fresh graduate, they don't want to work in the company but they want to start their own company or a entrepreneur. To have a clearer idea on whether you have a good chances at becoming a successful entrepreneur, answer these questions: * Do you enjoy making decisions and being in charge? * Are you good at following through on your ideas, plans, and projects? * Are you good at short-range and long-range planning? * Do you have the willingness to take the initiative when confr…

Are You A Leader Or A Follower?

Everyone wants to be a leader but there are only a few its called leadership. In the early stage of a children's life you will determine who is the leader and who is the followers, yes your right what your thinking, you can determine who is leader and who is not. For example, way back in High School I use to chased celebrity and if not enough I saddle my neighbors maid either to watch movie or watching live afternoon TV program. Until one day we have a school project, its about collecting the old newspapers, one day my classmates and I went to this exclusives subdivision, one of the celebrity is living there, and we ask the driver where is he. And the driver answer, "If you want to see him, just buy a ticket." Since then I realize that they are only nice in front of the camera. And I'm still not learning my lesson. I went to an afternoon live TV program. This time I almost lost my one shoe. Since then I realize that isn't just right. So I stop chasing people…

How to make a clear Decision Making

In every Entrepreneur or Ceo this a clear that decision making is a part of a daily life especially those decision deals with the path of the company. So you may have to relax your body and mind because in one click or once you may sign it. Then it clearly that your decision making is final. And you don't know what happen next. So you have to study the possibility that ever happen before you make a decision because you aren't make a decision for yourself but as well for the sake of the company. So think about it, review it then if you are sure then go for it.

How to join Bazaars

Does anyone know what is bazaar is? Bazaars where you can find the cheapest merchandise or item but good quality. And authentic product like shoes, sleepers, handbag and many others. Joining bazaars could be a good start up and an easy entry point for a retail business. It is also a good avenue for testing the marketability of the products you want to carry without having to register your business first.The problem, though, is that only a enterprising individuals know precisely how to join and to successfully profit from bazaar retailing. 1. Consider the type of crowd a particular bazaar attracts. Not all bazaars attract the same crowd. For example, if your product is a premium or high priced product, you may want to participate in high-end lifestyle bazaars instead of targeting a low-ends ones. 2. Consider the date and location of the bazaar. The accessibility of the bazaar location and the bazaar's date greatly Influence bazaar attendance. So important to note if the …

How To Become a Millionaire Without Being a Millionaire

A millionaire but without a being a millionaire sounds confusing right. Actually it can.Save while your young. While your studying you have an allowance so not everything you should spend at least keep it some. If you reach a thousand ask your parents to open an bank account. This is a first step to have your own money in your bank account. So when you reach at 20 by then your already in college at by age 22 your already a college graduate. So what what happen to your account it will increase especially if you have a deposit every month plus interest. See when you start at age 10 so in one year it has 12 months so if 22-10=12 so 12. So 12×12=144 lets see you deposits 500 per month times 12 in a year. 500×12=6,0000.00 in a year times that for 12. 6000×12=72, the interest. Isn't it great to have this money.Either you apply for a job or start your own business without borrowing money in the bank or in your relatives. Another way of investing in a Real Property or in sto…

15 Ways To Keep Attract Keep And Keep Customers

How can you bring in more customers? 1. Have a quality product and maintain it. 2. Don't under and over promise. 3. Be both product-and customer-oriented 4. Get to know your market or target market. Target your resources at the niche that matters. Go beyond your traditional tri-media for marketing 7. Don't Intrude 8. Listen to your customers. 9. Social media isn't just for friends 10. Understand customers buying patterns. 11. Focus on growing your customer base. 12. Use your funds wisely. 13. Expand your products in an organic way. 14. Don't attempt to sell everything to everyone. 15 Don't be afraid to go back to school. Note: Thank you and courtesy from Entrepreneur Published 2013

From Failure To Success

As we grow up we experience all kinds of things especially to become successful or failure. Yes everyone does experience this.The most painful one is when you fail in business every day is not a sunshine there's also a down time or a slow day. The same thing with the business deal especially when you expect this but its not what you expecting. On the on the other hand to become successful it doesn't matter what you experience during the processing point as long as you achieve everything what you expecting that's a good achievement. For example you build a building and your client is expected you to finish the contract within the time frame during that time you will experience some challenges but can you tell your client you were delay because of some challenges no.If the client will expect you to finish the project within the time frame then be it. If you fail to deliver within the time frame then there's no next time for you. Because you fail the first time so the…

How To Make Your Goals or Ambition To Come True

We all want to be successful in everything we do, especially on our goals or ambition, but we all do just thinking and planning but we do nothing just except thinking and planning. We have to work and execute the plans with enough feasibility study of our goals then that ambition become goals. And with a lot of hindrance of our goals we should have step by step. Just like the two people that their just only talking of their ambition but without doing nothing then that is useless. What's the point of the talking of your ambition or goals without executing with it. See just like a salesman he's been waiting for his client to say yes or move on the other hand he has cancer that he can no longer to wait because there's no more time. So if he wait more any longer but the client does yet interested. It means only you have to give a deadline to say yes if he no longer interested it means put your energy to some other things that it may succeed. But what about some client they&…

Is Really Okay To Be Friends With Your Ex?

For months I've been bragged by this questions I believed its out of my topic so is this really related to my blog since its concerns with the ex. My answer to the question definitely yes. You might tell me that ex is irrelevant to your life since he/she's gone. Because no matter how painful your separation its should be remains to be friends especially if you have children together then set aside your personal agenda instead for the sake of your children. What if you have no children together is it still applied definitely as long as in good terms but you can be friends but not to the point you annoyed your ex everyday or you find yourself to be blocked. Just be nice to your ex. How about you? Is it okay to be friends with your Ex

How To Stick With Your Budget

Sometimes we just screwed up with our budget. There are so many reasons why. First unexpected or emergency happens. Like one of your family is in the hospital so what happen now is you withdraw the money for mortgage monthly if that happen that's really a trouble unless you can replenish right away then that is not a problem. So what can we do to avoid this to happen in the future. You should have a list for your budget. For example how much for your grocery, or foods, transportation allowance, bills and utility, that's included your mortgage monthly, tuition fee of your children and of course emergency fund allowance. So in case of emergency you have money to use. And avoid using money on not important for example unexpected dinner or out of town it will disrupt your budget. And avoid using your credit card on not important things. So you know how much your budget for a month that you use. Especially do not compare yourself to your neighbor that what she had you should ha…

Foods Nourishing Our Soul

What's the first thing comes in your in mind, when it says food? Burger, French Fries, and large coke, or pizza or donut. But in a healthy way depending in your location, in Asia, particularly in Japan sashimi, sushi and soba but here in the Philippines its adobo and siningang. What about for breakfast, the usual is pancake with honey and butter with hot coffee.But here is fried rice and dried fish or Bangus or milk fish and hot coffee perfect for breakfast. What about for lazy people just a pair of loaf bread with cheese or peanut butter with with hot chocolate is good to go. But whatever you preferred in your food must be healthy especially when your work required physical energy and brains work then you must be full and not sluggish. Or lack of energy. Sometimes we eat because we are hungry were just grabbing anything in the canteen as long as you can chew it. And good for your stomach. Another idea is that make your own food, bento box here is called baon. If you heard thi…

Entrepreneur, Successful Negotiator

To be successful, you have to able to relate to people; they have to be satisfied with your personality to be able to do business with you and to build a relationship mutual trust -George Ross Over the years that we have been negotiating and giving seminars on the topic of negotiating, we have meet all sorts of people. They have been of all skill levels and talents. And watching them we have been able to observe what works and what doesn't. With that information, we have developed a people of the successful negotiator. In this article well share that traits so you can aim towards being the most successful negotiator you can be. There are numerous talents and personality traits that are involved in such a profile. It would be be foolish to rank the the importance of the various aspects because they are all important at one time or another during the course of negotiations. So this article does not organize the elements of the profile in any ascending or Descending or…

How To Adapt The Drastically Change in Your Life

Have you ever give up something in your life? Its hurt right, especially, when this things is really became part of your life, you don't want to let go, but you don't have no choice. But to let go. Some are changes for the better and some are for the worse. Like for example when the company are bankruptcy, your not only losing your employees but as well your earning or profit. But how can we adapt the changes. Well you must take yourself be analyst the causes in the problems. Why its happen what are the steps to avoid more crisis. Is there really a chance to make your mistake to make it right. Of course there's always a chance.There's always an opportunity to learned everything. You can start all over again. Don't give up. And if the cause is financial literacy, Then study financial management. How to manage your financial, always seek the expert just how to manage your financial. You can watch in the cable program, or seek people or in your circle of friends, jo…

How Is A Sports Icon Is Similar To A Successful Entrepreneur?

In any game, in order to win, there should Be a strategy. The player must be having a strategy. It is the art and skill of guiding, forming, and carrying out a plan. A game will be won through proper execution of plans. Without a concrete and solid execution or implementation will be a tragedy. The same is true with entrepreneurship. Let's take a look at how Manny Pacquiao I mean Senator Manny Pacquiao prepares for every boxing fight. Filipinos know him for the discipline he commits to his training. The preparation stage itself is part of his sports regiment. Pacquiao wakes up early in the morning to run and do sprint work in different terrains. He has hours of heavy punching bag and speed work out, shadow boxing, jumping rope, and other though routines. Oh, and he also does 1,400 sit-ups or stomach crunches everyday. He also spars with strong boxers similar to the built, boxing style, and punching power of his opponent. All these and more are part of his strategy. Just like in…

Adorable Kitty

If a person is happy not because he/she is rich, but rather the people around her. Whether its family support, friends and pets that's right any pet is considered as family, especially cats and dog, but they are the members of the family. If you are an entrepreneur you always need an inspiration, because such an stressful day that's why when you come home, you need to forget your work. Always refresh your mind. Especially if you have an adorable Kitty or dog its nice to see them. Who can say no this adorable Kitty but also having a pet with also a great responsibility. You must taking care of them 24/7.And of course don't dump them if you don't like them anymore. They're not a toy's. So you need to love them and take care your cat or dog or this adorable Kitty.

Tips for Investing Real Property

Are you planning to Invest in Real Property, if yes then you must must have a prospect developer, the money, or paying in cash or in Installment. Well lets check the developer, whether its condominium or House in Lot. You must understand the difference between condominium and house and lot. When you say condominium, your owning only your specified unit or units you own or with parking lot. You don't own any physical land or lot. So you own only your unit and you have the privilege to use the amenities, included to your contract. While the house and lot it is located in a village or subdivisions, where you have a neighborhood, consists of an amenities, like clubhouse, basketball court or swimming pool and children's playground. And you own a house and lot.where your house is located. And you have more privacy. This projects is good for the big family. But if you want more convenient, near to your work might be walking distance from your work then choose condominiums, this i…

How To Be A Successful Applicant's For Applying a Job

Applying a job is very difficult, you know why, when you attending your interview and all of sudden your not qualified blah,blah blah.It hurts,so your not only wasting your time, money and efforts. So what what you gonna do. To make sure you a successful. You must be prepared and research the company you want to join, you have a good presentation of your résumé, and make sure related to your education and work experience. And if ever you are a fresh graduate make sure related to your education. Some Company luring by applicant's by social media,and they send you endless SMS messages, but when you go there, they will tell you that your not qualified. So don't be fooled on this. Real company if you are in a the internet look for them in LinkedIn, and some published in the newspaper. So their not grabbing people everywhere, like in the malls, f ast food chain. Always remember a qualified applicant for job is the right person, be the right person to the company you applied wi…

Simple Happiness

Some of us is content with their life. On the other hand some may not even though, they achieved everything, they have everything, but they want something, they can't find happiness in their hearts just like numb, wasn't it. Its like they're millionaire's, they want more even they reaches a trillions dollars but its still craving more. Anyway does not the point. The point is if you are content in your life. Even the small thing you appreciate everything. An entrepreneur needs an inspiration in every way, because life is so stressful. That's why it should be stress reliever. Not more stress. That's why we need to take a break, like having a pet, flowers or simply just watching your favourite program. Or you may treat yourself in a good plates of salad or simply pizza is not a sin to have pizza once in a while. Simple things or simply invite your friends in a dinner to your house. You don't need a restaurant just learn how to cook. These are simple things …

How to Make Your Customers to be Loyal

As we all know that employee is the face of the company or representative of the company. Even the company is existed for a hundred years but if the employee is rude to the customers, or client or investor the tendency is your losing your customers. That's why its very important that the employees must know what he/she's doing. When the customers ask you, just remember the customer asking you so he/she might believe and then you give her the wrong information. It makes conflict. Never inconsistent to your information. If you don't know the answer please always ask your superior. False information it leads to losing your customer. Just remember its not monopoly so you have a lot of competition. I know that there are customers who are annoying that's including me.

The Sweet Kitty

After in a exhausted long day, your tired and try to relax and having a kitty is a stress reliever. Why, because of their cute and adorable and sweet to cuddle. That's why its a relief to have a cat or cute kitty. But if you're an allergic to a cat or Kitty then its not recommended for you. But having a cat or kitty such a great feeling. Especially this little fella makes you want to giggle and cuddle her.

How To Be Thrifty

How To be Thrifty without affecting the important things. For the past months I've been trying to be restrain everything except I buy only an important things or needs. That means no credit card or debit card to be used. Sometimes I went to the supermarket and here's the budget and every time it's always exceed to the budget. So it does so here's a one thousand that would be a challenge. So that means I pick up only a need if not necessary then must be return to the shelves and I felt so bad.No it isn't like that, making your life miserable that's its not like that. It means that only necessary things.And you will amazed how much you save.

Where Do See Yourself in 10 Years?

Have you ever ask yourself, that in years time are you still the same person, I know what your thinking, more matured, roaming around the world or maybe having a beautiful family. Or you have your own successful company and more well off in life. But what about if you are failed in life is there any option's, of course life is like a game sometimes you loss sometimes you win. So be wise while you are young, invest in a real property the best investment you could ever have. Never depreciate, unlike you in mobile, laptop, computer, car these are depreciating. Or in mutual funds. But all else failed better to have a saving account.

The Cute Kittens

Having a beautiful fur or cute kittens is not a click one two three. But rather it takes a lot of patients to the owner and love. And if ever you don't have this quality or attitudes. Forget to adopt a fur. I say adopt don't buy because there are lots of kittens or cats waiting for your love or home. Definitely and surely that kittens makes your day complete because of their cuteness and adorable as well as cat. So here are some collection of a cute and adorable kittens to look at.

Some Healthy Foods Collection

Healthy foods means you to choose wisely or you follow the menu or better yet by nutritionist but what if you didn't know what's the difference between healthy and non healthy since today's life is a fast pace lifestyles. The easiest one by take out or ordering in the restaurant or fast food. This is the reality in life but one day you will realized that making your own foods is not bad at all. And that's the healthiest one. So never cheat on your foods. If you don't know some dish try some watching food network program they have cooking program or better yet try some research in the Internet. Or join the community.

The Amazing Duchess of Cambridge

If Princess Diana was alive how she would proud to have Duchess Kate and her two children are so adorable Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And she's kind and sweet and she will be love by the people. And whatever she wear it fits for. She's amazing I don't met her yet but I know she is kind lovable even to the day one I saw her on TV. Salute to the Duchess of Cambridge


One day Myla received a message in messenger from her sister adopted daughter her name is Jessa. It says that "My father used to send you in School. Paying your tuition fee.That's how where you are now. And you don't even payback. So Myla upon receiving this message, she felt betrayed she help her sister,she bought groceries whenever she dropped by in her sister Annette house. And got even use the ATM it supposed to her mother Darla. When she stay in Annette house. So Myla answered the messenger from Jessa's message, saying " Please don't talk to me like that, I'm not related to you, you should be thankful, that my sister will accept you. And let you grow". That was the first time that Jessa learned that she is only adopted. So Jessa confronted her foster mother Annette and she admitted it. Twenty years earlier, it's a typical day its a hot and humid due to summer month in April. When Myla's arrived home she saw her neighbor Mandy she wo…

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For Sale Fashion Trend

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