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Recapture The Radiance Of Your Youth

4 Dimensions of Dullness

Texture Change

Lines and wrinkles appear with age and as  they increase in quantity and depth, skin texture becomes irregular.

Color Change

As one ages, skin gets darker a a result of years of commutative exposure to the damaging rays of the sun and other environmental aggressors.

Evenness of Tone

Young skin is clear and even, whereas ageing skin suffers from age spot and blemishes creating an uneven tone.

Hydration Loss

As skin cells age, they struggle to hold moisture and become  weakened and tired-their vital inner-energy is exhausted and skin loses youthful translucence.

Turn Back the Hands of Time

Even though that even without wrinkles or age spots, you still look dull and tired? This is because most of the product in the market are design to work to attack wrinkles or spot but do not work holistically on your skin to tackle dullness.

Believed as the entrepreneur or any other personality the first thing to see is your face if you have a wrinkles or spot t…

How brave are you?

Having been being comfortable in your own couch or bed, is not a measure of being brave or killing your competition one by one but its about where you are in a stranger place or situation but still you can come back and stand still where you landing upside down.

In the business there's an upside down where you didn't know if you still recovered or not or even in a personal sometimes there's an upside down where a series of tragedy can unexpected happen. That's why you need to be brave and stand up again, for your family and friends, or the wrong decision that you may have that it lead you suffered too much.

That's why you need to think about it before you make a decision, just consult first, what's happen it went go wrong, and the remedy. When your done if its good enough then go for it.

How is your business to upgrade in Technology

Do you remember the time that has no computer or manual thing?, banking still in manual, then 2000 came that all go back to zero, all the programs back to zero, and have you ever experience no social media? except TV, no cable, life is so boring, except you have to read the book or watching a few channel.

Today we have internet connection, whether its data or WiFi, there's a facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, or if you love to sing then you can have it too. Unlike before, you play outside, just watch TV or read the book. On the other hand real socializing with it doesn't exist anymore, because you are so busy with your phone, conversing your socmed friends, even eating your food you have to snap your food before eating.

So, if this is a crisis for some people, well this an opportunity to the entrepreneur to know what do you like and interest, and who is your friends, before it takes time to research what people interest or things they like, but now just browsing your computer…

Have you ever give all your money to someone?

Do you ever believe in tithing? Or have you ever give all your money to someone? If you did, is there something miracle happen to you, let me get straight to the point if you believe in tithing with the 10% with your salary and if you believe its an investment then that's considered as a gift for the God. If you are a Christian, because if you are a Christian way then you always believe whatever you give it will come back to you in triple times.

Now at this moment in time where digital and internet era is there someone who believes in this. You might tell me that you don't believe this anymore. But in order to received a blessings then be a blessings to someone else. For a simple smile and a simple greetings to someone that makes them feel blessed to start their day.

Anyway I have these excerpts from the book the conversation with the millionaire, I would love to share this its up to you if you believe that this is still exist anymore.

This is from the story of Chip Collins a…

Public Service

When your business concern a public we're only a few mistake or maintenance everyone is affected, so there are are businesses such as concerns public such as water, public works and highways, communication, and banking and of course electricity these are businesses that no one is exempted whenever they have a problems.

And the other not businesses but people will also affected such as rally or demonstration, country hosting these two are one of the most important event that should give way to the world leader whether you like it or not. Especially, if you are living in a particular place where rules are impose for the safety of everyone.

But the most important is when your business is concern for the public like for example communication so whenever you have a maintenance your customer must know about it.  So much these businesses are one of the basic needs where need it desperately.

How to pay your debt without going bankrupt

How are you dealing with your debt? Are you the kind who ignore it or you don't pay it all. The best techniques of paying your debt you must have a priority list. And never ignore at all. Okay get the list, you can pay them by installment, so allocate the money, if you can pay it for months then be it.

Because one day the bank or the person you use to have a
debt if you are willing to pay then you can do it. You know before I feel if I have a credit card its fun because I can buy anything I want. Definitely it's fun but there's a responsibility lies ahead on this. Until one day because I really want to buy this unit I bought with some portion of my credit card and its boom I  have a debt and its more than what I expected, and its having an interest in every month. So I paid in full. Thanks God no more headache. That's why never use your credit card more than you can afford or else its a disaster or simply if you can avoid being in debt then go for it. You don't n…

A Good Employee

If you can get a good employees who are working even without someone to ask them then that's a gem or priceless.

If you can fine a good one then you are some very lucky one. Yes you will paying them but rendering their services without any glitch then that's priceless. And I would say that I have found some employees that they are really doing their job. And I'd like to congratulate them for being a good one.

How Popular are you?

Being an entrepreneur what people knows about you as a business man or business woman is a very important one. Like what are you in the morning, do you still have time to sitting down on your neighbors bench and have chat with them, or you are struggle to work on your way, or some checking messages and email.

There are people even they don't usually showed up some places but still everyone's knows him/her. But being an entrepreneur you must mingle with the people and promote your business. Even celebrity they have to promote their movie or song. The same thing with the business, you have to promote so the people knows about your business. Or advertisements whether in tv, newspaper or in the internet.

Audience Participation

Are you afraid sharing your ideas, because  they might stole your ideas.

*Their idle. You haven't built any anything people can take for a spin.

*Their bulletproof. You haven't put them in front of anyone who can shoot them down.

*Their Invisible. If people don't know your idea they can't feel anything about it.

Some company may safeguard their ideas for a thousands years, for example some restaurant they do not revealed their recipe which is coming from the family for generations to generations.

* Your target consumer to find out if they would buy what you offer.

*Some down-the-line potential backers to see how they react. But be careful on this you might wasting of their time.

*Solo entrepreneur who are on at least their second venture. You want to learn from their failures.

Beautiful Body At Any Age

In the business the first thing that the client see is the people in the company is that right, yes definitely right and  the way they dress and  with pleasing personality, as your body changes as you grow older.

We've discovered that there are constant changes in body shape brought about by age. This fixed rule can be drawn in a spiral. Thus, we call this "Spiral Aging"

At your 20's is at peak. Choose underwear that emphasizes the shape of your breast, waist, and hips.Choose the underwear that its fits you properly. Do not wear too tight or too loose.

At your 30's  Metabolism starts to slow down. Fat begins to develop breast and hips start to sag. At this point you should be aware of these  body changes in order to find suitable underwear that will provide the necessary lift and support.

At your 40's A sharp increase in weight occurs. Even thin people will develop a pouchy stomach as they reach 40. Women at this age should wearing a wider strap and girldle …

Business Structure

Aside from the type of scale of products and services you want to offer, the way your business is organized also determines the ownership structure and owners liability. There are four types of business. Here are the followings.

1. Sole Proprietorship. You as the sole proprietors, usually invest your own time and money, and are the only liable for the business debts and obligations.

2. Partnership the business is own by two or more partners, who  share the business capital, powers and responsibilities  and liabilities. It has a legal entity separate and distinct from that of the owners. The partnership is terminated when a partner dies or leaves the business.

3. Corporation Capital is raised by selling stocks, or shares in company ownership. The corporation's debts are separate and not transferable to its shareholders. In the Philippines a corporation requires at least five incorporators. It continues to exist and operate even when its owners change.

4. Cooperative. Control is sh…

How to hire a good employee

If you are ready to open your business but you can't start without a manpower or employee you can do it alone you need a reliable and good employees. If you are starting your own business at least be a multi-tasking  it may help but you need some professional people in your company not mediocre.

Because the people in your company is the people whose you may succeed or fail.

For the past years I have been an opportunity to observed the different kinds of employees some are deserving for their jobs and some I would say they always chatting. It hurts to see these kind of employees because once their in they are automatic paid their day no matter what. If you are only working you don't understand that whether you've done your job in a good way or not it doesn't matter.

That's why, when you hire a person its really their expertise not because they are recommended by a friend or your immediate family. You hired them because of their talents on a job.

Let say the job is …

When Renting A Space

When your ready and exciting to start your business but you don't have a space yet, that's where you need a broker to look for your space and how much you need  for your business.

At the start you need to minimize your space and how long you've been renting let say one (1) year contract or 5 years contract or after that time you would be able to purchase your own space. Or to expand your business. There's so many possibility to happen during those times.

That's why you need to be realistic. If you lease more space than your business requires, your monthly rent could consume an excessive chunk of your precious resources.

Are you ready for your Christmas gift for your friends and loveones?

As the Christmas approaching are you ready its a Month before Christmas sorry its still Halloween, happy Halloween my friends. As I said that that Christmas is all around the corner so you still have time to shop. Its better to shop in advance than in hurry where everyone tends to shop in last minute.

So here are the place or shop that best to shop much cheaper and affordable. And if you are here in the Philippines, the most recommended are Divisoria where you can buy cheaper and affordable dress for children as well for the whole family  and friends and also Quiapo but take note please as much as possible make it on weekdays not on weekends because there are lots of people out there shopping during this time.

And if the money is not a question then SM shopping malls you can find anywhere at your nearest branch, Robinson Ortigas and Robinson Place and Shangri-la Plaza in Mandaluyong and Makati Shangri-la, so there you have it. This is only my personal recommendations. These place or …

Is your employees is already having a retirement fund?

The last frontier of a human life is the retirement period where the employees departed to th
e company. Now the question is are you ready to retire is it your savings is enough to provide your whole life. If your answer is no.

Then its time for you to assist both you and your employer to make sure that every employees has a retirement fund. We all know that every company both private and government has the retirement plan or funds.

That's why there is SSS for  private company and GSIS for the government employees, note this would apply only in the Philippines. And there are mutual plans are available  like Philam plans, AXA, Prudential these are company that reliable and to ensure your future and not depending on your children.

So you can pursue your passion and travelling without burdening anyone in your family which means a freedom of your financial needs, or financial freedom.

A business can compare to a couple

When you  start a business you need capital the same thing with the couple you can't a girlfriend or if you don't have a money its called an investment. If the business is good then you have a good profit.

While the couple if they are in good shape  then their relationship turn into marriage and have a family isn't it that's simple logic.

Sometimes money is the main problem or it become a crisis either in a business or in a relationship. That's why both partners must talk about the financial status. Whether you admit it or not that money is the key of the business or in a relationship. So if  both in a healthy way then the profit is even.

Note: Source of the picture  courtesy from facebook.

How to start a blog?

Do you have a any plans to make a blog? If your answer is yes. Then here's some guide that will help you to start your  1. Choose a topic
2. Pick a name 
3. Cross-check it
4. Register a domain name
5.Carefully choose a platform that suited to your skills, budget, and blogging goals.
6. Find your own style
7. Create awesome content
8. Proof-read before hitting publish.
9. Set your own schedule
10. Discover the best tools and resources.
11. Network
12. Learn the basic HTML, CSS, design, SEO and backing up
13. Be kind to yourself

Is your business is always full of customers?

You will see lots of business establishment is always full of customers see for example a restaurant, if you eat in a food court you will see that there is a stand out food chain that lots of people waiting in line of course aside   Mc Donald we all know that Mc Donald spending of millions for TV advertisement or in a newspaper prints. But this one restaurant no advertisements in TV or newspaper except word of mouth by their satisfied customers or is it a marketing strategy that's why they have lots of customers.

Yes marketing strategy is one of the important and good services so your customers will come back to your company or establishment and the best one your customers can also refers to her friends and families and acquaintances so hows isn't that good news. So its very important  that your customers satisfied with your service.

Is your business is partnering banking institutions?

In the business it is very important to have a bank partner especially when you need a new equipment or having more branches to extend more profit.

For the small and  company its important  to partner with the bank or Lending is a must. For example you need an additional van for delivery of your goods to the customers. The bank will will give you an option to pay. Whether its per anum or monthly. So good to have a bank support especially if you are a good client this will help you in times of emergency.

How to determine if a child is to become an Entrepreneur or a Top Leader?

As an early stage of child life from walking to a stroller to a first step or even before the child  is born you will determine right away what are  they become. Its always depends whose their parents are.

If the parents is a business tycoon then the children is automatically be the next President of the company or CEO. Do you think they become the President or CEO right away? No their not, they start at the bottom its called the training, yes right they start at the training ground how to manage the company or the people. Before they become the top leader they are already an experience ready to handle their job.

As early as a child you can determine right away if they possessed the characteristics of a good leader he/she  always excelled what they do and good perseverance and humility and humble that's a good start.

Your Work or Business must be Related to your Hobbies

As a child our parents let us discovers our talent or hobbies. The parents even let the children  play with the neighbors children that is our first social associate aside from our classmate. As the children grow up they become aware what they want from Engineer, Architect, or Pilot or doctor or  even IT.

These are some areas that we should some nurture our talent or become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur is a very important because your making  a business that will   satisfy your hobbies but at the same time your making a job. And you become a bread and butter to  some people.

Your contribution to the economy not only for yourself but your country  as well . Your country  may proud of you of what your contribution is, for you is a little thing but to the people that you can help that its really a big deal.

Like for example you help during in a disaster time your is a little ways but people who really need it. Like water, food, clothes. That's really something and for you those org…

How Can You Handle Pressure?

How do you deal with pressure?   Thats too much to deal or to handle especially when you have a deadline but you are not yet finish and here's your customer every now and then checking you all the time. Because your out of a deadline that's clearly a negligent but in real world its really happening.

Especially when the project is unfinished or lack of budget you'll see you build this building unfortunately beyond the actual time. You have lots of challenges and sometimes your customer wants to cancelled that's really upsetting because just like you. The customers expect you to turn over during the the frame. And its really not okay if your not on time. Do what you promised with your customer not only on ads but in actual your far from what you promise.

On the other hand handling a pressure well just relax don't get too much serious every problem has a solution right just take a deep breath just another a bad day it will take forever.

How Do You Use Your Money?

We're using our money through important things and not  important things, however, we use our money through foods, or groceries, restaurants, leisure and for funs all of these expenses there's no return of  investment or ROI. This is very true on the financial terms its called liabilities. But its nice to have one.

On the other hand, these expenses has no return or interest. But on the other side there are also an advantages such as investment. What are the investment that you think that's good for your future. Here are some investment that truly 100% fully returned your investment such as Savings Account, Life Plans, Mutual Funds this could be use for future investment such as buying the house, or retirement, or traveling funding these things in advance so you don't need to borrow money.

Keep the money while your young because one day your out of work at least you have money either to  start your own business. Keep money wise never spend a thing that you don't ne…

Business Slow Day

As we all know that some days are slow day, that means only few customers show up.I know how does it feel. This really happen that's why you need a promotion but despite of that still a slow day especially Monday, Tuesday and and Wednesday. And some slow day is Monday but for the bank this is not a slow day you know why because Saturday and Sunday its close so you have to wait until Monday. That's why Monday is a lot of customer. But the most exciting day is between Friday, Saturday and Sunday so most of the family is out of town or simply just going to the Malls or eating in the Restaurant.Or simply hopping in a public park the cheapest part. That's why company should have always a promotion so even not weekends customer wants to drop by in your establishment.

Is your business is Unique or in Monopoly

As you start your business either well known or unique or in monopoly thing. By the way monopoly means the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in commodity or services. Or a company or group having an exclusive control over commodity or service.

When your company is in a monopoly that means you have no competition so people have no choice to stay your  service but right now there's no monopoly except some few services.

So make sure before you open your business must be unique new but still looks familiar.

Note: The picture of Bella Hadid. Courtesy from facebook       
pet shop unfortunately the brand that you need only one shop you cannot find in any shop so you have no choice instead to buy their products even almost always the sacks is broken you know I've been buying cat food that the container is broken. If it is broken must be considered as bad order. The supplier may exchange it.

So if your in a business there's also a liability not always a suns…

Ready To Launched Your Business

Wait before you launched your business considered these two option whether its own vs known or some called franchise. As in other businesses, creating your own brand is less capital-intensive than buying a franchise. However, a start-up business is more difficult to get off the ground and generally has greater chance of failing. A franchise business on the other hand, mitigates the risk of failure because it has already a accumulated resources and experience to help its franchisees avoid critical pitfalls.

 Own Brand As an owner, you to define a unique selling proposition or reason people should buy what you sell. You must build and scale processes to sustain your business operations You need to undertake continuous research and development efforts to come up with new offerings that sustain the relevance of your enterprise to your target market.

 You need to fight off competitors who try to eat your market. Known Brand People are already familiar with the brand and would like…

How to manage your finances or Budget

One of the most difficult task is to budget or managing your finances, see for example you have the salary of 50k and your house mortgage is 25k so how do you budget with that with slashing half of your salary plus your electricity bill, water bill and of course the internet fee. The best thing you could do is make sure you have a grocery for a month avoid those that unnecessary things like dress, shoes, buy the nice one of that will last for a lifetime. Don't buy the cheap one because its only last for a month or in a few use. So its better to buy the classic one not a trendy, but at least you can buy once. And the other one is eating in a high end have you tried to get your fry pan or sauce pan to joggle the vegetable. Cooking is fun its not what you think. And also its delicious and healthy food that you serve in your family. And also not to buy that thing not important. And make sure you have a cash, I didn't mean credit card, you know its very convenient if you have a…

How to maximize your business space

Design your space around the service you offer.

The word "spa" brings up the image of rest and relaxation, so naturally the actual layout of a spa should inspire these feelings.

The designers of the Spa considered how the layout would affect all five senses. For sight, the look has to be pleasing and cozy so that clients feel relaxed as they enter the facilities. Soothing music and the scent of The Spa's signature oils enhance the relaxing atmosphere. A special ginger tea is provided to clients to engage the sense of taste. And as for touch . The Spa trains each therapist "so the experience and ambiance is a total experience of relaxation, rejuvenation of mind and soul".

Customers traffic flow is a primary consideration for spa's " upon entry, the receptionist should see customers immediately so that he could attend to their needs. The movement of people should be clear and easy so that its easier for them  to relax.

The services provided by a spa are…

How To Achieve Your Dreams

Having a dreams its the way how you making plans in your life or achieving your dreams. Just like a question that. What are you in a 5 years from now. That means you have a goal let's say you want to expand your business or having a branch in another place or country. As the entrepreneur you always have a forecasting within a year if your business is in profit or losses some gains.
Now dollars is making gains versus php so this is the right to time to buy more dollars or keeping more dollars. So yes business it's about profit not losing. But sometimes its vice versa that's how the business its goes.

As you working hard to achieve your dreams there are lots of challenges that sometime you want to give up because you can cope up with the challenges. But that's how you hurdle it or manage it to keep moving to all those challenges . Its a great achievement when you know that you are so work hard to achieve your dreams.

Sometimes you have give up everything to give in your…

Design your store attract Shoppers and encourage purchases

When it comes to retail space design or lay out can affect the shopping habits of customers. So how do you design a space design that encourage customer to purchase your goods or services and makes customers want to return?

Retailers should make the first impression with an eye-catching display that draws customers into the shop and slows them down-otherwise they may hurry their purchases and buy only a few things.

The products should display in an inviting way.  To maximize the space while remaining visually attractive. Placing aisles at an angle can create more visual interest, as long as it leaves enough space for customers to navigate and clutter free.

Lighting can have dramatic effects on space. If a corner of your store is not well lit, that square footage might as well lost. Using a combination of track lights, lamps, and picture lights, which not only make sure the whole space is lit, but also add flair and variety.

Lighting is also key to making products look better. Cheap l…

Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

What kind of hobby do you have?

The best business that you ever have is a hobby turn into business because this way you love to do it without being been boring.  You love to do it because this is what you love to do. Not because of money.
And it makes you inspired everyday. For example your hobby is watching TV and you love just watching everyday so try to make your own story or write a book. I think I'm guilty of that watching TV drama lol.

 Year's ago I only  joining in different social media  a year later i build a website I even have a youtube I don't know what to do with it.  posting in different social media and sharing my friends post. Until one day I just read this article I think I just searching this website is legimate or not so there I learned about building a websites and I remember that I have website but just there sitting there I even published only picture which does not acceptable and one day I applied for an AdSense unfortunately my publication its like…

Are you Inspired or Expired

Entrepreneur must always be inspired and feeling good so the people will so round you may also inspired to work and happy. But what if your not, you feel so drained. Did you know that there are some reasons for that. You might have people around you use to negative or you might following you or you following them, that's makes you drain. Instead they inspired you. You feeling expired. Like for example when you wake up in the morning you read their post and feels like you feel tired or annoying you.

Always check your friends list for people who annoyed you I don't say unfriend  them, unfollow them don't worry you don't need to be rude especially those commenting on your post out of line. Anyway social media is a debate not devided. Remember your college debate between pros and cons that means you have the right to state your opinion but not be rude. And if you can keep up with the topic better be silent. Because what you say today you will never be get it back again. Ev…

Prototyping And Testing

Here's how to get your business idea off the drawing board and into real world.

It's natural to pour over your spanking new business plan, thinking of ways to make it look and sound good. But
unless you get to work and actually start testing your ideas in the real world, your plans would  stay "good on paper" indefinitely.

Instead of obsessing over the potential revenues of your hypothetical business, find ways to get it out there, and gather feedback from your target market-this process is called prototyping.

The test-best-before-you-tweak approach can do wonders for a starting business and developing your brand-you can test the materials you're using for your product, refine your offering according to desired customer experience, and know whether your revise model is scalable and whether it meets your business goals. You never know when an investor would take interest in your creation and help you commercialize it.

But until that day comes you can only do so m…

Transportation Mode

Entrepreneur always expected to be in time not to be late even in one second must be sharp. That s the good entrepreneur or not only entrepreneur but also to everyone. You must not be late. If you are late its a minus point or credibility.

Now what's your morning habit is reflect to your appointment, let's say your sleeping late so naturally wake up late. And so on. But the most important one how's your transportation mode, whether you have your own car, or by commute. Either by train, bus or grab or taxi or uber or carpooling. What's the important is you must leave early so you will not be late. And some reason is traffic. Don't say it.

Why, traffic is exist before you were born. So traffic is not a problem. What you gonna do just prepare all your needs during night time or before you going to bed.

Let's say you are not eating in the cafe so you bring your own food. Much more convenient and  healthy food because you know your the one to prepare it. Prepare it …

The Right Shoe

Entrepreneur is always expected to wear an excellent attire and a great pair of shoe.Weather for a business attire or simply a casual day out, or a quick morning run, step in style with these perfect pairs.

1. Never underestimate the power of a good pair of heels. Neutral colored ones-like in a nude shade-are easier to pair with a variety of clothing combinations. Wear them with a tailored jacket and a pencil skirt for a client meeting, a short dress for a cocktail event, a vibrant day dress for a brunch , and even with a skinny jeans and a top for a night out.

2. Guys pay attention black leather shoes are for graduations, weddings, and formal events. For everything in between nothing's more versatile that a pair of brown dress shoes. For  functions pair them with gray or brown slacks, with a  pair of jeans for a night out.

3.  Everyone got loafers. So why not get them in blue? They look good with a pair cuffed denims or some gray or dark blue shorts, sockless of course. If you…

Lending or Microfinance

If you considering this this of business, just think about first the pros and cons, here's the things that you must consider its risky since its base on a foundation of trust, let may tell you something, some people are good only the first time they will pay you. The second time its okay on the third time expect them not to pay you. So its very important you must know the person or that your going to give the money. I know some people who are very good paying their debt and it's hard to find them. But not everyone does a good one there's some.So before you give money to anybody you should know the history, ask people around, either with a neighbor, or as them if they have some credit company or simply check their electricity bill, water bill ,this way you will know this person is a good customer, base on this you will determine right away, and why's that for example, she had no lapse she's pay her electricity bill or water on time. If she had lapse then think abo…

Is it okay to be friend to your ex?

I know this is not related to my topic in my previous article I mentioned this already I'm sure its worth it to tackle again, I'm sure anyone can relate to this topic. On my previous article I have mentioned in there its okay to be friend to your especially if you have a children because for the sake of the children. However if you don't have a children but one of the party is already having a family or vice versa then therefore its awkward to be friend with your ex. If you have no children on your previous relationship then maintain a civil relationship. But you must unfriend her/him or unfollow him/her to avoid the problems of the family. For example she was your girlfriend during college, and you become a coward and idiot, you runaway, years later you found her in facebook and you tried to contact her again, you realize that you still love her, and she's still single, on the other hand you already have a family, you found your beautiful wife and adorable childre…

Raising Money

Are you raising capital the best and fastest way possible? Other than using your own savings, you can fund your business by borrowing from friends and family and applying for bank loans. Borrowing can be tricky though, especially when it involves personal relationship's and debt you're hoping to pay off through a business that hasn't taken off yet. Here are you three fundraising alternatives that don't endanger your personal relationships and don't take too much time away from actually running your business. Take Credit. For business that use tangible assets (like furniture, computer hardware, food and restaurants among others), owners can arrange for 15-30- or 60 - day payment periods with trusted suppliers.This arrangement buys you time to generate business revenue before paying off the raw materials you used. Term payments also help you to stay liquid as you don't have to pay your suppliers as soon as their deliveries are made. Trade credit doesn'…

How to cope the stressing life of entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur is an endless problem, either by making poor decision or unexpected problem from the customer or simply by day to day operation. So we need to relax by means of foods or simply going to the saloon or spa or vacation. But can you afford to have a vacation in the middle of the problem of the company. No, you have to make a solutions before you run away of the problem.So now what, to be rejuvenated with start with the healthy foods and yoga and go to the saloon, pamper yourself, if you look good and feel good, you can make a good decision. And don't stress out too much. Just relax and have fun sometimes. Its good for your soul.

What's the differences between employee and entrepreneur?

Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur but there only a few were chosen of this field, and not everyone is become an employee lucky for those who have not working because their parents has a company, even their still studying there's a position waiting for them. Even they are still a baby their future is already safe and secure. Isn't it that's amazing if your parents is rich. What if your parents is not rich even your still working as part time to finish your studies. I salute to the company who accepted student to continue their study.and for the students who persevere to continue their that's really a hard work. And tiring, I remember work in the morning and I go to school at night so tired but I have to do it. Glad I did it. And thank you to those company I've been part of. But does not the point. The point is when you are an entrepreneur, is to make sure you have a sales and a profit and time is not a matter you are working 24 hours a day and you have to …

How To Determine a Good Banking Services

There are a lot of banks around right and some must be trusted and reliable at all times so these banks I recommended base on my experience not only reliable but you can relied on them in terms of emergency good services and customer service oriented. The managers and teller are welcome you to assist you and great services too. And here some the top Five if your looking forward open an account I recommended these banks.You are surely make your money safe and will help your business loans need. If you want to expand your business or you want to buy your dream home or dream car. As the Entrepreneur you need a back up financial help. 1. Bank of Commerce or BOC 2.Bank of the Philippines Island or BPI 3.Banco de ORO or BDO 4. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or RCBC 5.Security Bank 6.PS Bank when I withdrew and Debited to my account but no money in the machine. They returned it.

Is It Anybody Can Be An Entrepreneur

Self-evaluation Sure,the entrepreneurship gene might give you an edge, but not so far as you might think. Being "built to be an entrepreneur" touches as much on your genetic makeup as your disposition and experience. While your genes influence whether or not you become an entrepreneur, experience matters, too. Genes don't determine anything you do; they merely influence what you do in the same way,your life your life experiences do, but what about those who has no experience especially fresh graduate, they don't want to work in the company but they want to start their own company or a entrepreneur. To have a clearer idea on whether you have a good chances at becoming a successful entrepreneur, answer these questions: * Do you enjoy making decisions and being in charge? * Are you good at following through on your ideas, plans, and projects? * Are you good at short-range and long-range planning? * Do you have the willingness to take the initiative when confr…

Are You A Leader Or A Follower?

Everyone wants to be a leader but there are only a few its called leadership. In the early stage of a children's life you will determine who is the leader and who is the followers, yes your right what your thinking, you can determine who is leader and who is not. For example, way back in High School I use to chased celebrity and if not enough I saddle my neighbors maid either to watch movie or watching live afternoon TV program. Until one day we have a school project, its about collecting the old newspapers, one day my classmates and I went to this exclusives subdivision, one of the celebrity is living there, and we ask the driver where is he. And the driver answer, "If you want to see him, just buy a ticket." Since then I realize that they are only nice in front of the camera. And I'm still not learning my lesson. I went to an afternoon live TV program. This time I almost lost my one shoe. Since then I realize that isn't just right. So I stop chasing people…

How to make a clear Decision Making

In every Entrepreneur or Ceo this a clear that decision making is a part of a daily life especially those decision deals with the path of the company. So you may have to relax your body and mind because in one click or once you may sign it. Then it clearly that your decision making is final. And you don't know what happen next. So you have to study the possibility that ever happen before you make a decision because you aren't make a decision for yourself but as well for the sake of the company. So think about it, review it then if you are sure then go for it.

How to join Bazaars

Does anyone know what is bazaar is? Bazaars where you can find the cheapest merchandise or item but good quality. And authentic product like shoes, sleepers, handbag and many others. Joining bazaars could be a good start up and an easy entry point for a retail business. It is also a good avenue for testing the marketability of the products you want to carry without having to register your business first.The problem, though, is that only a enterprising individuals know precisely how to join and to successfully profit from bazaar retailing. 1. Consider the type of crowd a particular bazaar attracts. Not all bazaars attract the same crowd. For example, if your product is a premium or high priced product, you may want to participate in high-end lifestyle bazaars instead of targeting a low-ends ones. 2. Consider the date and location of the bazaar. The accessibility of the bazaar location and the bazaar's date greatly Influence bazaar attendance. So important to note if the …