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The Sweet Kitty

After in a exhausted long day, your tired and try to relax and having a kitty is a stress reliever. Why, because of their cute and adorable and sweet to cuddle. That's why its a relief to have a cat or cute kitty. But if you're an allergic to a cat or Kitty then its not recommended for you. But having a cat or kitty such a great feeling. Especially this little fella makes you want to giggle and cuddle her.

How To Be Thrifty

How To be Thrifty without affecting the important things. For the past months I've been trying to be restrain everything except I buy only an important things or needs. That means no credit card or debit card to be used. Sometimes I went to the supermarket and here's the budget and every time it's always exceed to the budget. So it does so here's a one thousand that would be a challenge. So that means I pick up only a need if not necessary then must be return to the shelves and I felt so bad.No it isn't like that, making your life miserable that's its not like that. It means that only necessary things.And you will amazed how much you save.

Where Do See Yourself in 10 Years?

Have you ever ask yourself, that in years time are you still the same person, I know what your thinking, more matured, roaming around the world or maybe having a beautiful family. Or you have your own successful company and more well off in life. But what about if you are failed in life is there any option's, of course life is like a game sometimes you loss sometimes you win. So be wise while you are young, invest in a real property the best investment you could ever have. Never depreciate, unlike you in mobile, laptop, computer, car these are depreciating. Or in mutual funds. But all else failed better to have a saving account.

The Cute Kittens

Having a beautiful fur or cute kittens is not a click one two three. But rather it takes a lot of patients to the owner and love. And if ever you don't have this quality or attitudes. Forget to adopt a fur. I say adopt don't buy because there are lots of kittens or cats waiting for your love or home. Definitely and surely that kittens makes your day complete because of their cuteness and adorable as well as cat. So here are some collection of a cute and adorable kittens to look at.

Some Healthy Foods Collection

Healthy foods means you to choose wisely or you follow the menu or better yet by nutritionist but what if you didn't know what's the difference between healthy and non healthy since today's life is a fast pace lifestyles. The easiest one by take out or ordering in the restaurant or fast food. This is the reality in life but one day you will realized that making your own foods is not bad at all. And that's the healthiest one. So never cheat on your foods. If you don't know some dish try some watching food network program they have cooking program or better yet try some research in the Internet. Or join the community.

The Amazing Duchess of Cambridge

If Princess Diana was alive how she would proud to have Duchess Kate and her two children are so adorable Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And she's kind and sweet and she will be love by the people. And whatever she wear it fits for. She's amazing I don't met her yet but I know she is kind lovable even to the day one I saw her on TV. Salute to the Duchess of Cambridge


One day Myla received a message in messenger from her sister adopted daughter her name is Jessa. It says that "My father used to send you in School. Paying your tuition fee.That's how where you are now. And you don't even payback. So Myla upon receiving this message, she felt betrayed she help her sister,she bought groceries whenever she dropped by in her sister Annette house. And got even use the ATM it supposed to her mother Darla. When she stay in Annette house. So Myla answered the messenger from Jessa's message, saying " Please don't talk to me like that, I'm not related to you, you should be thankful, that my sister will accept you. And let you grow". That was the first time that Jessa learned that she is only adopted. So Jessa confronted her foster mother Annette and she admitted it. Twenty years earlier, it's a typical day its a hot and humid due to summer month in April. When Myla's arrived home she saw her neighbor Mandy she wo…