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One day Myla received a message in messenger from her sister adopted daughter her name is Jessa. It says that "My father used to send you in School. Paying your tuition fee.That's how where you are now. And you don't even payback. So Myla upon receiving this message, she felt betrayed she help her sister,she bought groceries whenever she dropped by in her sister Annette house. And got even use the ATM it supposed to her mother Darla. When she stay in Annette house. So Myla answered the messenger from Jessa's message, saying " Please don't talk to me like that, I'm not related to you, you should be thankful, that my sister will accept you. And let you grow". That was the first time that Jessa learned that she is only adopted. So Jessa confronted her foster mother Annette and she admitted it. Twenty years earlier, it's a typical day its a hot and humid due to summer month in April. When Myla's arrived home she saw her neighbor Mandy she work in government agency, and with a baby in a couch. Wearing infant clothes and white towel and that's it. Approximately barely a month or months old. Such a tiny baby. And there's no milk or anything. So Myla's sister Annette ask her to buy milk. Myla's maybe 16 years old a high school girl does not know anything about places she knows it but with always someone with her. This time by herself or shopping alone on a nearby grocery place. When Jessa's arrival, her sister Annette, all her attention is only for Jessa. Got even never get out in the house. Mostly some errands is become Myla's responsibility, from going to the supermarket to buy milk and diaper. And sometimes goes to the market to buy some foods. Annette stay home and her husband Philip accepted Jessa as her own daughter. Got even registered to the municipal. And he is so kind and gentle Except one day Myla's arrived home her sister and he's brothers in-laws we're drinking and got a fight. For three years Jessa's life Myla's is being part of it. Until one day Myla's brother-in-law never got home. They're waiting for him for days but will never come back. So her sister Annette decide to transfer in a cheaper home. Because they cannot afforded the rental. And Myla this time is already in college attending in a nearby place. Just a walking distance from their house. So Myla's sister Annette will change she only attending her adopted daughter. And one day Myla decided to leave without permission except for the daughter of the house we stay. And never returned to her sister Annette house. She work by herself and continued to study. Since then she visited her sister Annette and Jessa growing up as beautiful and smart. Three years earlier, Myla ask her sister to make a bedsheets and pillows and curtains too. At their meeting her sister, mentions that their father is already passed away and his brother-in-law is also passed away.And she told to her sister "that she should tell the truth about Jessa" but her sister Annette said " I pity on her." So at that very moment she decided to buy the plane ticket to get her mother in the province. And she did, she got her mother. Unfortunately when she was arrived in the airport her sister in the province told her mother to come back home. So Myla's did not pick up her mother. Instead she was process her birth certificate so her time was not wasted. Since she had a ticket for back and forth she had no choice but to take her flight without her mother. And her mother's tickets was not refunded to the airlines. They refused to refund Myla's mothers ticket. Fortunately her mother was followed a week after. And while she's in the city her mother was stay in her sister Annette house. She buy everything from foods to money allowance. So since then Jessa's sending SMS to Myla a harassment message but she disregard it. Until now Jessa and Myla never had a chance to talk about their differences. But fortunately Jessa is grow up as a good citizen and have her own family now. And that's the best thing of all. Note: This is only the author's imagination any resemblance of characters or conversation truly an imagination. Thank you for reading it. If you love it please share it.

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