How Is A Sports Icon Is Similar To A Successful Entrepreneur?

In any game, in order to win, there should Be a strategy. The player must be having a strategy. It is the art and skill of guiding, forming, and carrying out a plan. A game will be won through proper execution of plans. Without a concrete and solid execution or implementation will be a tragedy. The same is true with entrepreneurship. Let's take a look at how Manny Pacquiao I mean Senator Manny Pacquiao prepares for every boxing fight. Filipinos know him for the discipline he commits to his training. The preparation stage itself is part of his sports regiment. Pacquiao wakes up early in the morning to run and do sprint work in different terrains. He has hours of heavy punching bag and speed work out, shadow boxing, jumping rope, and other though routines. Oh, and he also does 1,400 sit-ups or stomach crunches everyday. He also spars with strong boxers similar to the built, boxing style, and punching power of his opponent. All these and more are part of his strategy. Just like in sports, a business is most likely to succeed with training, discipline, and a very good game plan, which are all part of a well-design strategy. Preparation is a strong weapon for an entrepreneur. And other words without a plan and well design and execution strategy. You must answers the basic questions: What Is My Product Or Service? Who Is my Market Or Target Consumer? What Is The Niche Market Of My Product or Service? What Is The Different Factor Of My Product or Service? What Is My Marketing Plan? How Will I Execute My Plan And So On... Putting up a business starts with the answers to these questions. Without answers you will just be empty-handed and ignorant. Study very well the components and aspects of Entrepreneurship, especially the particular industry you want to enter. Note: Thank you to Senator Manny Pacquiao your not only a champion in sports but as well in politics. And thank you and courtesy
to Mr. Paulo M.Tibig The Author of the Book Strategies, of a Champion Entrepreneur. This book is available in leading bookstores and this book is design for the students who aspire to become Entrepreneur someday.

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