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How to Make Your Customers to be Loyal

As we all know that employee is the face of the company or representative of the company. Even the company is existed for a hundred years but if the employee is rude to the customers, or client or investor the tendency is your losing your customers. That's why its very important that the employees must know what he/she's doing. When the customers ask you, just remember the customer asking you so he/she might believe and then you give her the wrong information. It makes conflict. Never inconsistent to your information. If you don't know the answer please always ask your superior. False information it leads to losing your customer. Just remember its not monopoly so you have a lot of competition. I know that there are customers who are annoying that's including me.

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I know this is not related to my topic in my previous article I mentioned this already I'm sure its worth it to tackle again, I'm sure anyone can relate to this topic. On my previous article I have mentioned in there its okay to be friend to your especially if you have a children because for the sake of the children. However if you don't have a children but one of the party is already having a family or vice versa then therefore its awkward to be friend with your ex. If you have no children on your previous relationship then maintain a civil relationship. But you must unfriend her/him or unfollow him/her to avoid the problems of the family. For example she was your girlfriend during college, and you become a coward and idiot, you runaway, years later you found her in facebook and you tried to contact her again, you realize that you still love her, and she's still single, on the other hand you already have a family, you found your beautiful wife and adorable childre…

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