Simple Happiness

Some of us is content with their life. On the other hand some may not even though, they achieved everything, they have everything, but they want something, they can't find happiness in their hearts just like numb, wasn't it. Its like they're millionaire's, they want more even they reaches a trillions dollars but its still craving more. Anyway does not the point. The point is if you are content in your life. Even the small thing you appreciate everything. An entrepreneur needs an inspiration in every way, because life is so stressful. That's why it should be stress reliever. Not more stress. That's why we need to take a break, like having a pet, flowers or simply just watching your favourite program. Or you may treat yourself in a good plates of salad or simply pizza is not a sin to have pizza once in a while. Simple things or simply invite your friends in a dinner to your house. You don't need a restaurant just learn how to cook. These are simple things but makes your heart happy.

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