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How brave are you?

Having been being comfortable in your own couch or bed, is not a measure of being brave or killing your competition one by one but its about where you are in a stranger place or situation but still you can come back and stand still where you landing upside down.

In the business there's an upside down where you didn't know if you still recovered or not or even in a personal sometimes there's an upside down where a series of tragedy can unexpected happen. That's why you need to be brave and stand up again, for your family and friends, or the wrong decision that you may have that it lead you suffered too much.

That's why you need to think about it before you make a decision, just consult first, what's happen it went go wrong, and the remedy. When your done if its good enough then go for it.

How is your business to upgrade in Technology

Do you remember the time that has no computer or manual thing?, banking still in manual, then 2000 came that all go back to zero, all the programs back to zero, and have you ever experience no social media? except TV, no cable, life is so boring, except you have to read the book or watching a few channel.

Today we have internet connection, whether its data or WiFi, there's a facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, or if you love to sing then you can have it too. Unlike before, you play outside, just watch TV or read the book. On the other hand real socializing with it doesn't exist anymore, because you are so busy with your phone, conversing your socmed friends, even eating your food you have to snap your food before eating.

So, if this is a crisis for some people, well this an opportunity to the entrepreneur to know what do you like and interest, and who is your friends, before it takes time to research what people interest or things they like, but now just browsing your computer…

Have you ever give all your money to someone?

Do you ever believe in tithing? Or have you ever give all your money to someone? If you did, is there something miracle happen to you, let me get straight to the point if you believe in tithing with the 10% with your salary and if you believe its an investment then that's considered as a gift for the God. If you are a Christian, because if you are a Christian way then you always believe whatever you give it will come back to you in triple times.

Now at this moment in time where digital and internet era is there someone who believes in this. You might tell me that you don't believe this anymore. But in order to received a blessings then be a blessings to someone else. For a simple smile and a simple greetings to someone that makes them feel blessed to start their day.

Anyway I have these excerpts from the book the conversation with the millionaire, I would love to share this its up to you if you believe that this is still exist anymore.

This is from the story of Chip Collins a…

Public Service

When your business concern a public we're only a few mistake or maintenance everyone is affected, so there are are businesses such as concerns public such as water, public works and highways, communication, and banking and of course electricity these are businesses that no one is exempted whenever they have a problems.

And the other not businesses but people will also affected such as rally or demonstration, country hosting these two are one of the most important event that should give way to the world leader whether you like it or not. Especially, if you are living in a particular place where rules are impose for the safety of everyone.

But the most important is when your business is concern for the public like for example communication so whenever you have a maintenance your customer must know about it.  So much these businesses are one of the basic needs where need it desperately.

How to pay your debt without going bankrupt

How are you dealing with your debt? Are you the kind who ignore it or you don't pay it all. The best techniques of paying your debt you must have a priority list. And never ignore at all. Okay get the list, you can pay them by installment, so allocate the money, if you can pay it for months then be it.

Because one day the bank or the person you use to have a
debt if you are willing to pay then you can do it. You know before I feel if I have a credit card its fun because I can buy anything I want. Definitely it's fun but there's a responsibility lies ahead on this. Until one day because I really want to buy this unit I bought with some portion of my credit card and its boom I  have a debt and its more than what I expected, and its having an interest in every month. So I paid in full. Thanks God no more headache. That's why never use your credit card more than you can afford or else its a disaster or simply if you can avoid being in debt then go for it. You don't n…

A Good Employee

If you can get a good employees who are working even without someone to ask them then that's a gem or priceless.

If you can fine a good one then you are some very lucky one. Yes you will paying them but rendering their services without any glitch then that's priceless. And I would say that I have found some employees that they are really doing their job. And I'd like to congratulate them for being a good one.

How Popular are you?

Being an entrepreneur what people knows about you as a business man or business woman is a very important one. Like what are you in the morning, do you still have time to sitting down on your neighbors bench and have chat with them, or you are struggle to work on your way, or some checking messages and email.

There are people even they don't usually showed up some places but still everyone's knows him/her. But being an entrepreneur you must mingle with the people and promote your business. Even celebrity they have to promote their movie or song. The same thing with the business, you have to promote so the people knows about your business. Or advertisements whether in tv, newspaper or in the internet.

Audience Participation

Are you afraid sharing your ideas, because  they might stole your ideas.

*Their idle. You haven't built any anything people can take for a spin.

*Their bulletproof. You haven't put them in front of anyone who can shoot them down.

*Their Invisible. If people don't know your idea they can't feel anything about it.

Some company may safeguard their ideas for a thousands years, for example some restaurant they do not revealed their recipe which is coming from the family for generations to generations.

* Your target consumer to find out if they would buy what you offer.

*Some down-the-line potential backers to see how they react. But be careful on this you might wasting of their time.

*Solo entrepreneur who are on at least their second venture. You want to learn from their failures.

Beautiful Body At Any Age

In the business the first thing that the client see is the people in the company is that right, yes definitely right and  the way they dress and  with pleasing personality, as your body changes as you grow older.

We've discovered that there are constant changes in body shape brought about by age. This fixed rule can be drawn in a spiral. Thus, we call this "Spiral Aging"

At your 20's is at peak. Choose underwear that emphasizes the shape of your breast, waist, and hips.Choose the underwear that its fits you properly. Do not wear too tight or too loose.

At your 30's  Metabolism starts to slow down. Fat begins to develop breast and hips start to sag. At this point you should be aware of these  body changes in order to find suitable underwear that will provide the necessary lift and support.

At your 40's A sharp increase in weight occurs. Even thin people will develop a pouchy stomach as they reach 40. Women at this age should wearing a wider strap and girldle …

Business Structure

Aside from the type of scale of products and services you want to offer, the way your business is organized also determines the ownership structure and owners liability. There are four types of business. Here are the followings.

1. Sole Proprietorship. You as the sole proprietors, usually invest your own time and money, and are the only liable for the business debts and obligations.

2. Partnership the business is own by two or more partners, who  share the business capital, powers and responsibilities  and liabilities. It has a legal entity separate and distinct from that of the owners. The partnership is terminated when a partner dies or leaves the business.

3. Corporation Capital is raised by selling stocks, or shares in company ownership. The corporation's debts are separate and not transferable to its shareholders. In the Philippines a corporation requires at least five incorporators. It continues to exist and operate even when its owners change.

4. Cooperative. Control is sh…

How to hire a good employee

If you are ready to open your business but you can't start without a manpower or employee you can do it alone you need a reliable and good employees. If you are starting your own business at least be a multi-tasking  it may help but you need some professional people in your company not mediocre.

Because the people in your company is the people whose you may succeed or fail.

For the past years I have been an opportunity to observed the different kinds of employees some are deserving for their jobs and some I would say they always chatting. It hurts to see these kind of employees because once their in they are automatic paid their day no matter what. If you are only working you don't understand that whether you've done your job in a good way or not it doesn't matter.

That's why, when you hire a person its really their expertise not because they are recommended by a friend or your immediate family. You hired them because of their talents on a job.

Let say the job is …

When Renting A Space

When your ready and exciting to start your business but you don't have a space yet, that's where you need a broker to look for your space and how much you need  for your business.

At the start you need to minimize your space and how long you've been renting let say one (1) year contract or 5 years contract or after that time you would be able to purchase your own space. Or to expand your business. There's so many possibility to happen during those times.

That's why you need to be realistic. If you lease more space than your business requires, your monthly rent could consume an excessive chunk of your precious resources.