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Have you ever give all your money to someone?

Do you ever believe in tithing? Or have you ever give all your money to someone? If you did, is there something miracle happen to you, let me get straight to the point if you believe in tithing with the 10% with your salary and if you believe its an investment then that's considered as a gift for the God. If you are a Christian, because if you are a Christian way then you always believe whatever you give it will come back to you in triple times.

Now at this moment in time where digital and internet era is there someone who believes in this. You might tell me that you don't believe this anymore. But in order to received a blessings then be a blessings to someone else. For a simple smile and a simple greetings to someone that makes them feel blessed to start their day.

Anyway I have these excerpts from the book the conversation with the millionaire, I would love to share this its up to you if you believe that this is still exist anymore.

This is from the story of Chip Collins a 26 year old a brilliant speaker, please if you if you read this I really love this story with your permission, when he was first starting speaking business out in Long Island, he's got a wife and two little babies. He's got absolutely no money, and he didn't know no money, and he didn't know what to do.

He's got 35 cents in his pocket, and he's Catholic, so he goes to Catholic church and he goes "35 cents, I can't even buy milk for my little babies and feed my you . I don't know what to do". And he's crying and he's sitting in the front pew and he goes. " Okay, God, I'm going to give you all 35 cents. I haven't got any anything else. You get all the last pennies to my name and if you can make this work for me, I'll do whatever you say. I don't know what to do."

He gives the 35 cents, then he's walking out of the church and a guy in the last pew said, "Chip, Chip, come here!" Chip says " Do you know me?

And he says "Yeah, you came in and asked if you could do a talk in my office last week." Jim says, "Oh yeah, right, right, right.

And he says, I've decided I want to hire you for eight talks because business has been really good lately. Do you mind if I give you a check and pre-pay you right now?"

And he got a check for $400, which was like $4 million, because he went out and bought for milk for his babies and food for his wife, and could pay the bills that month. It was that immediate.

When he rolled there, he had tears in his eyes, and he's pounding the steering wheel, going  "I'm a failure. I'm destroyed, I'm not good, I'm nothing and lower than dirt."

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