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How to pay your debt without going bankrupt

How are you dealing with your debt? Are you the kind who ignore it or you don't pay it all. The best techniques of paying your debt you must have a priority list. And never ignore at all. Okay get the list, you can pay them by installment, so allocate the money, if you can pay it for months then be it.

Because one day the bank or the person you use to have a
debt if you are willing to pay then you can do it. You know before I feel if I have a credit card its fun because I can buy anything I want. Definitely it's fun but there's a responsibility lies ahead on this. Until one day because I really want to buy this unit I bought with some portion of my credit card and its boom I  have a debt and its more than what I expected, and its having an interest in every month. So I paid in full. Thanks God no more headache. That's why never use your credit card more than you can afford or else its a disaster or simply if you can avoid being in debt then go for it. You don't need an extravagant if you can afford it. Always keep the 20% try to save one day you will not notice that you have that amount. You don't need to be a millionaire in an instant just step by step.

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